Almost every business is on one or more social media platforms but how well are small businesses using social media? The fact is that it’s not just about been on social media, it’s also about being able to leverage social media for brand awareness and business sales.

Do you know how to use social media in a way that your business will immensely benefit from it? Thank God, there are thousands of social media marketing tips out there for businesses.

The internet is full of helpful tips on how to get the best out of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other popular platforms. These tips will help you optimise your social media presence and reach the largest audience possible if properly utilized.

Social media has evolved over time; it has gradually changed from being a communication channel between two individuals. Today, social media has opened up communication between customers and businesses all over the world.

Is there any perfect tool for capturing real-time issues and publicly sharing information other than the social media? No doubt about it, social media grew in popularity overnight and it has revolutionised the way people and businesses interact.

Social media marketing factors that businesses forget

Social Media Advertising

Several social media surveys have revealed that more than 76% of the people tell at least one person about their customer service experience.

In other reports, more than 23% of 18 to 24 year old want to use social media more for customer service. This makes social media a key component of business’s future marketing planning.

However, there are also several factors related to social media marketing that many businesses forget. Below, we are going to examine how to ensure your business gets the most out of you social media campaigns.

#1]. Social marketing is not a hard sell

If you are using social media marketing for your business to reach potential customers, you should be cautious in the ways you go about your business or product promotion.

Yes it’s good to make frequent posting on social media, but don’t be too aggressive about it. It could be really annoying to your would-be customers.

In short, aggressive marketing and hard sell tactics are not suited to social media. It is not the platform on which to force your brand message onto unsuspecting fans or followers.

The over-promotion of a fan page, excessive tweeting about how amazing a product or service is and the endless posting of Instagram images will exhaust your audience, rather than entice them.

#2]. Reach the right audience

Businesses should understand the fact that people are on social media for different reasons. Therefore, social marketing strategies can only be effective if businesses can reach the right audience. Note that when your marketing campaigns reached the right audience, it will have positive impacts on the business. It’s pretty logical and not rocket science.

For instance, gaming social media advertising such as mobile casino is probably not going to appeal to everyone on social media. So, the best bet is to target the right audience that can relate and respond to the ads.

It’s vital that when creating a campaign that the team behind it recognise they are targeting a specific market, and that choosing the right marketing avenue is essentially important for any brand.

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#3]. Social marketing is for real people

A huge misconception by many small businesses is that followers create business. The belief that their brand is achieving huge exposure simply because it is being liked or tweeted about is also wrong.

The fact is that real people use social media to connect with friends and family members. So, it’s often common for people to like or comment on something their social circle has introduced. However, that does not mean they are going to use or purchase a product or service.

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Advertising to a wide social media audience is a major requirement of many campaigns. But the expectation that 5000 followers will equal the equivalent in sales is incorrect.

The right social media marketing strategy is extremely effective if properly executed, and by investing in these mediums businesses of all sizes should see results.

If you or your marketing team put these tips into practice and don’t forget the important factors that so many people forget, then you should experience a greater return on any social media campaign investment.


Top 3 Essential Social Media Marketing Factors That Businesses Usually Forget About
PIN IT: Top 3 Essential Social Media Marketing Factors That Businesses Usually Forget About
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