4 Common Social Media Advertising Myths Busted [INFOGRAPHIC]

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No doubt about it, social networking sites were traditionally meant for networking and meeting people.

The idea was to create a platform to connect people, nobody had it in mind that it will be an avenue for business marketing.

But today, there is more to social media than just making friends and connecting people. It is now a platform through which businesses can market and promote their brand.

The truth is that business marketing has been made easy with social media. Thanks to its capability, businesses can now easily reach millions of potential customers within a short period of time.

Social media advertising myths busted

Display ads and paid search ads both will always have their place when we talk about internet marketing or advertising. But social media advertising has also come to play a powerful role in modern business marketing and brand promotion.

4 Common Social Media Advertising Myths Busted [INFOGRAPHIC]

Marketers and advertisers believe that social media is one of the best things to happen to internet marketing. However, some people still don’t think that social media advertising is necessary.

Yes, they acknowledged the fact that social media platforms offer opportunities for brand marketing through well-crafted posts and images, but they don’t believe in paid social media ads.

However, according to the infographic by AOL Platforms targeted advertising, in fact, simply extends your organic marketing campaign. Paid social can lead to 25% more conversions than organic social.


The company looked at the data in an attempt to bust some of these social media advertising myths and below is their findings:

social media ads myth busting

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