Why Bloggers Should Be Using SiteGround Web Hosting Service To Host Their Blogs

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There are many web hosting companies out there today and every one of them seems to offer the same or similar services but at varied charges.

However, webmasters and bloggers know that there is more to web hosting than the normal hosting of website files and content.

For serious bloggers, web hosting is one of the most important foundation pillars to get right. Also, it’s one of the common blogging mistakes bloggers should always avoid.

This means that while you are eager to blog and share your experiences, you should be wary of where you host your blog.

Sign up for SiteGround and quickly get your site up and running
SiteGround offers everything you need to make your website stand out

The fact is that every serious blogger needs a good and reputable web hosting company in order to be successful. In short, a web hosting company with limited resources and epileptic or erratic server behaviour will kill your dreams.

Why bloggers should use SiteGround Web Hosting Service

SiteGround is a household name when it comes to web hosting services. The company was founded in 2004 and it’s officially recommended by WordPress.org for bloggers and webmasters.

As a reputable web hosting solution for WordPress projects, SiteGround currently powers over 800,000 websites worldwide. The company is one of the best, most stable and affordable web hosting providers for bloggers.

Want a reliable, cheap web hosting? SiteGround offers everything you need

Are you a new blogger and looking for an affordable web hosting company that offers great services? SiteGround is a company you can trust; it offers an easy-to-use 1-click app installer and free transfer.

The company value its customers and will take a good care of your website. Go ahead and sign up at SiteGround. So, below are some of these reasons why you should host your blog with SiteGround Web Hosting company:


#1]. Affordable web hosting

SiteGround shared hosting plans start at £2.75 per month
SiteGround shared hosting plans start at £2.75 per month. Get started here

If you are one of the bloggers looking for affordable web hosting plans, SiteGround is one of the best options you can try. The company offers different hosting platforms to easy suit your need. Their shared hosting plans start at £2.75 per month and optimised with unique performance tweaks.

All the company’s shared hosting plans include managed WordPress – other web hosting companies sometimes ask for some extra charges to get. SiteGround’s managed WordPress offers the ability to create staging servers, and get core updates applied automatically.

Want to set up a WordPress-powered site? SiteGround is the right place to be. The company is officially recommended by WordPress.org as one of the best and brightest WordPress hosting providers.

#2]. Easy-to-install third-party application support

SiteGround offers a collection of free WordPress themes
SiteGround offers a collection of free WordPress themes. Check out other premium WordPress themes here

SiteGround is a place to be if you are new to blogging and don’t know how to install such blogging applications and software as WordPress. Don’t worry because SiteGround offers an easy-to-use 1-click installer and free transfer.

Not only that, this web hosting company also offers other awesome WordPress tools for fast development and easy management of your site. Their Autoupdates Tool ensures you always have the latest WP version and it’s available on all plans. They also offer such tools as WP-CLI Enabled [it’s command line management option] and SuperCacher [3 levels of caching for an ultra-fast site] etc.

#3]. Great customer support

SiteGround offers superb customer support
SiteGround offers superb customer support. Want to try it out here?

SiteGround is arguably the best when it comes to offering superb customer support. The company claims to have a strong global appeal as it offers multilingual support because a huge number of its customers are outside the USA. This means that customers speaking other languages than English are well-covered.

Their support team has advanced WordPress expertise and can be reached 24/7. With virtually no wait time on chat and phone and around 10 minutes for the first response in their ticketing system, they consistently achieve nearly 100% customer satisfaction rates.

However, response or connection time can be delayed especially if the customer support team is too busy. Their customer rep will answer all your questions directly and with courtesy. The company offers live chat, ticketing, and phone support.

#4]. 100% money-back guarantee, tough security and super speed

SiteGround web hosting money back guarantee
SiteGround web hosting is 100% money-back guarantee. Try it out here

Built on the latest SSD hardware, SiteGround offers a feature-rich managed WordPress hosting with premium support. They offer a caching tool that uses NGINX technology to drastically increase WordPress speed.

Also, their servers support PHP7 and HTTP/2, and come with a free CDN to make your website load super quick. SiteGround’s hosting environment is engineered for speed, built for security, crafted for WordPress. The company has highly secure web hosting facilities with security experts constantly monitor their servers.

WordPress related vulnerabilities are somehow common in web hosting environment, but no need to worry because SiteGround proactively protects their users. They also update your WordPress and its plugins automatically and makes daily backups of your hosting account. Also, all SiteGround plans include a money-back guarantee. This means you can get your money back if you are not satisfied.


Why Bloggers Should Use SiteGround Web Hosting Service
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