Any reputable SEO specialist knows that whilst potentially dangerous, link building is still necessary. A lot of people associate link building with black hat techniques for SEO or just spam.

Regardless, links of high quality are the most important factor for off-site ranking search engines rely on.

Google has developed its ranking algorithm to such a degree where it is not possible to build links to a site indiscriminately and expect to rank. If you try this, you will be penalised.

But is there a way to build links safely? What are the SEO strategies to acquire links? There are indeed a number of appropriate and legitimate ways for doing so. Below are top 5 effective SEO strategies I can recommend:

#1]. Guest blogging

SEO links buildingAs it is the case with any other link building strategy, you should be careful with this one. Although Matt Cutts, the Google head of webspam, has declared that guest blogging is dead, this is only true in part.

Following on their word that they are serious about spammy guest blogging, Google took down a number of large blog networks. In future, Google will likely improve their algorithm to an extent that will allow it to deal with more of the untrustworthy guest blogging forums.

Regardless, guest blogging will retain its authentic and strong side, and that is exactly the side I’m talking about. But what does guess blogging involve? If an owner of a website believes you can produce content of high quality, he will entrust you with publishing articles that their visitors will love reading.

They are not really allowing you to start generating a large number of backlinks to your website. If you have related content on your site, they may allow you to insert a link or two pointing to that content.

You should understand the relationship between guest blogging and links. Backlinks are not the reason guest blogging exists in the first place. If it is all about backlinks for you, webmasters and website owners will learn what is transpiring and prevent you from posting new content on their site.

On the other hand, if the content and the context of your guest post require a link to an outside source of information, then you will be allowed to link to it. The idea here is to ensure you are informative, trustworthy, clear and hopeful with your content.

Guest blogging is a great way to acquire backlinks if used properly. If there are individuals in your company who are willing to write and skillful in producing fabulous content, you should encourage them to do some guest blogging. As a method, guess blogging is a powerful way in which to grow a brand and is very beneficial to a company.

#2]. Use infographics

Infographics are still an important method for building links, although they are no longer as effective as they once were. These days any business that has a marketing budget and a sense for strategy, mass produces infographics.

The decline in the popularity of infographics is obvious and has begun in 2012, but in spite of that infographic marketing is still very helpful for one’s audience.

#3]. Become active on social networks

Content marketing is not only about creating content. Promoting your content to the right audience is also a vital part of it. The foremost method for promoting content in 2015 is through social media.

If you are successful in promoting your content, others will link to it. My prediction for 2015 is that social media will evolve to become the most important part of blogging.

When you are active on social media, you see your articles distributed, shared, mentioned by many, tweeted and retweeted. This social activity generates a substantial number of backlinks.

By asking you to be active on social media sites I do not mean that you should spend a few minutes of your time on Facebook and Twitter each day. Instead, here is what I expect you to do:

  • – Use every social network where you have an established presence to post links to your articles.
  • – Use LinkedIn to post your links to relevant groups there if you’re a member of some.
  • – Use Reddit to post there.
  • – Post on StumbleUpon.
  • – Post on

This method of gaining links is an indirect one. For the reason that social signals are different from links, they do not have the same impact on ranking as links have. Regardless, as your content is shared, more and more people will notice it, read it, and link to it also.

Many SEO experts are quick to declare that one should earn his links. While this is true and I agree with it, it does not mean that you must wait for someone to discover your valuable content by chance. You have to promote it actively.

#4]. Ask people for links

Asking for links may seem very unwise but in reality this is one of the easiest ways to secure them. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean that you should beg for links or trade them.

When you write an article, consider mentioning people and companies in it. Many of them would want to share your article on social media sites. It is a subtle technique for asking people for links.

Although this is a great way to ask for links, approaching people you know is the best way to do this. It looks very creepy to directly ask people you don’t know to link to your content. It may work but it is ineffective.

#5]. Develop your brand

It is hard to create links in an instant. You should use a slow and steady technique to grow your personal brand. You must reach out to people, help them, get press coverage, speak to them, do some guest blogging, connect with mentors and use other proven techniques.

It definitely takes time and is not an easy process. The payout, however, is very high. The growth of a personal brand is accomplished through a lot of effort and perseverance.

What about backlinks? These will follow naturally. Just like any other ways of acquiring links, a technique such as this one will take time.

Tracking the quantity of backlinks directly to your personal brand is difficult, but as the reputation of your brand and name begin to rise, you will observe a steady rise in the number of backlinks to your business or personal website. This year establishes a new era in link building. Link building will become more difficult as it will require more effort.

However, it will retain its importance. Without securing top-quality links you will not be able to have a top-ranking website. If you follow the aforementioned technique, you will rank your website higher than you previously thought possible.

You can also hire search engine optimisation company to build backlinks to your website. It’s always advisable to do proper research before hiring a SEO company.

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  1. I honestly think that link building and backlinks are still relevant in today’s SEO. But the important thing is to make sure that one build quality backlinks. It’s not just about linking to any website…it’s about being relevant!


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