Sellfy Lets You Easily Sell Digital Downloads

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Sellfy eCommerce platform for creators

Popularly known as eCommerce business, the online buying and selling sector is growing as more people have access to the internet.

The internet is where things are happening. Want to sell or buy? You want to improve your skills or learn new stuff? You want to socialise or stay in touch with breaking news?

Almost everything and all the things you want is readily available online. This is why the Internet is the place to be for millions of people.

In short, the Internet has changed the ways we do things and the potential is huge for online businesses such as eCommerce business.

So, can you too be able to effectively make a career out of selling online? Can the Internet help take your business to the next level?

And with the introduction of mobile broadband and advanced technology such as 3G and 4G, the Internet is even easier to access nowadays. This has created a massive opportunity for online businesses to reach a wider audience.

Sellfy Lets You Easily Sell Digital Downloads

For creative individuals, eCommerce platforms such as Sellfy offers an avenue to sell and make a living out of your creative skills. There are several online platforms such as where you can offer services and make money.

Sellfy's responsive storefront
Sellfy’s responsive storefront

However, Sellfy is an entirely different platform that allows creative designers or creators to sell digital files with ease. If you are a photographer, a disc jockey or sound creator, Sellfy is a platform for you to sell your files.

Want to sell your digital products online? Sign up for Sellfy account here

Sellfy also allows creators of ebooks, comics, design assets, music, video or any type of digital file to sell their goods. It lets you open a beautiful storefront on Sellfy platform and start making money from your creativity.


How does Sellfy work?

Sellfy targets the long tail of self-publishers and other digital content creators. The platform enables creators to sell downloadable content such as eBooks, music, video, photos, or basically any type of file.
What you can sell on sellfy?

  • Design assets
  • eBooks
  • Video and films
  • Audio files
  • Software
  • Design assets

Build and launch your beautiful storefront for free

Open your store for free and start selling within minutes. Sellfy handles everything from your product hosting, payments to secure checkout and content delivery to end customers. The platform also offers customisable product pages and a beautiful storefront that looks great on any device.

Sellfy marketing features
Sellfy marketing features

No need to launch a standalone eCommerce business website. You can set up your Sellfy storefront up within minutes, and you can easily preview your products too. Also, it offers unlimited bandwidth and you will have up to 5GB of space to yourself to upload your files.

Easy integration with apps and CMS

Sellfy allows you to easily connect and use your favourite tools to streamline your sales, marketing, and customer management process.

Want to sell your digital products online? Sign up for Sellfy account here

You can also integrate Google Analytics tracking to your store and stay informed about your store’s key metrics including all e-commerce data. It also offers a great deal of flexibility and you can easily use Sellfy with other popular CMS like WordPress with their plugin.

You can sell your products on your storefront or simply sell on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or any other social media platforms. Also, you can customise and finetune your store’s design and feel to match your existing brand.

Sellfy key features

Sellfy is on a mission to empower creators from around the world to earn a living doing what they love. It handles everything from product hosting to payment processing. Also, you can automatically send download emails and deliver the products. Below are the key features that set Sellfy apart:

  • Beautiful storefront and dedicated product page
    Sell your digital products with their beautiful and highly customizable storefront. Showcase your product from all the right angles with multiples images, previews from Youtube, Vimeo or Soundcloud.
  • Embed everywhere your products in your blog posts
    Easily embed Sellfy buy now buttons, product widgets or your entire store to your website or blog. This will enable you to make more sales by leveraging your blog traffic.
  • Up to 5GB per product
    With up to 5GB of space per file and unlimited bandwidth, the storage space is enough for the largest of products. Upload and sell as many products as you want. Your storefront can handle everything you throw at it.
  • Instant payout and easy checkout
    Sellfy offers faster checkout with PayPal Express Checkout. It also offers Stripe payment gateway for credit card payments.
  • Taxe and reporting tools
    It lets you send professional looking invoices with all the tax info your clients need and comply with the new VAT rules.
  • Analytics and email marketing tools
    Understand who’s buying your products and how they found your store. You can reach a segment of your customers with their email marketing tool and send upselling offers, product updates and more.
Want to sell your digital products online? Sign up for Sellfy account here


Sellfy: An Ecommerce Platform To Sell Digital Downloads
PIN IT: Sellfy Lets You Easily Sell Digital Downloads
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