6 Clever Ways to Secure Your Next Big Promotion

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Nowadays, the unpredictable situation of the economy is worrisome. But how do you secure your next big promotion in this highly competitive job environment?

The Coronavirus pandemic is having a changing-effect on the economy. In fact, it’s affecting how people work and the kind of jobs that are available.

With the economy facing uncertainty and increased competition for fewer jobs, how can you make yourself stand out from the crowd?

Are you looking for a step-up internally with your current employer? Are you hoping to secure the perfect job you found advertised elsewhere?

Whatever you plan to do, here are some ways you can make sure you get invited to an interview and get that dream promotion.

#1]. Positive attitude

Being positive about your ability to get things done can help a lot. You have to develop a positive attitude as it can help in a couple of ways. First of all, no one wants to work with negativity all the time.

Positive people are problem solvers and rise to challenges which are two really great attributes to have on your CV. Secondly, you can use that positive mental attitude when it comes to job hunting.

Success comes to those that work for it

Suffering rejection can knock your confidence, but if you keep upbeat, tell yourself it simply was not the job for you and move on, the right position will eventually come your way.


#2]. Invest in training

Investing in training is a great way to personally develop and improve yourself. The fact is that there is no single act that can make you more favorable for promotion than taking the time and effort to better yourself.

Along with technological advances, business practices are evolving really fast nowadays. Therefore, you may have to invest in some training to keep yourself at the top of your game, and as an invaluable asset to your company.

High on the list of desirable attributes right now is having an understanding of cloud-based computing. Choose cloud computing learning paths in six specialized career tracks and go from novice to guru in your chosen specialties.

#3]. Be vocal

Let your bosses know you are looking for a promotion so that when a position does arise, your name will automatically come to mind for consideration.

This also applies when training opportunities arise or gaps in knowledge become apparent within the business too. Your bosses will know you are someone who may be willing to step up to the plate and learn some new skills.

#4]. Take the lead

If you are hoping to climb the ladder, the chances are the more elevated the position, the greater the chance you will need to take the lead on projects or maybe even manage other employees.

Showing leadership skills in your current role demonstrates you are ready for the next step and gives you good practice for when you do progress.

#5]. Network

Connecting with the right people both inside and outside your organization does help, especially, in this highly competitive environment. It means when job opportunities do arise, you will be a familiar face.

So, make sure you get involved in company social events. Also, introduce yourself to others during training days, seminars, and meetings. Make sure you are on social media platforms like LinkedIn because it is a good place for networking.

#6]. Create a portfolio

Trying to think back about past achievements can be difficult and there is a chance you will forget something worthy of sharing. Instead of relying on memory, keep an up to date portfolio of your work to refer back to and to use in the interview process to showcase your work.

This can be a hard copy or a digital version. The same applies to any training you have had. Keep certificates or evidence of training in a file – it will prove invaluable when it comes to writing your CV and impressing your boss.

Carry out all of these steps and you will ensure your name will be the one at the front of your boss’s mind when it comes to promotions and perhaps you might even make it a more enjoyable process along the way too.




6 Clever Ways to Secure Your Next Big Promotion
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