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How SECONDCLOSET Makes Storage Easy For Small Businesses And Everyone

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 3 Min Read
SecondCloset fullservice storage facility

Today, people move home at least twice in 5 years. So, are you moving home, or office or just need storage to keep some stuff away?

If you are looking to store your stuff for the summer or you are just simply moving home, you’ll most likely require a full-service storage facility like SecondCloset.

No doubt about it, storage has become one of the most important things especially when people move home. This is why SecondCloset can be a better option for people moving home or business.

SecondCloset is Toronto’s first full-service storage company. The company picks up, stores, and safely returns your stuff. And guess what? They are so cheap that their charges only start from $3 per month.

How does SecondCloset work?

No doubt about it, so many individuals and businesses out there are in need of storage facilities to make space for essential stuff. However, one of the major issues has always been trust and price when it comes to hiring full-service storage.

SecondCloset full-service storage facility

Luckily, SecondCloset is there to provide you with the kind of service you have never experienced. This Canadian company offers on-demand, full-service storage that will make storing your belongings easier than ever.

Drop off boxes

The company takes the self-storage process one step further. You can order as much storage as you need from the comfort of your home, then sit back and let them drop it off.

Pack your belongings

You can then get packed now that you have your boxes. You can store anything from seasonal clothes to keepsakes.


Schedule a pickup

All set? Simply schedule a pickup and they will come and get your belongings. They pick up your stuff and deliver them to the storage unit for you. This means you can schedule a pickup or return at the most convenient time you want.

SecondCloset full-service storage facility

SecondCloset provides customers with free bins and boxes they can use to pack their belongings. Customers’ belongings are safely stored in a highly secure environment. Their storage is monitored 24/7 with state-of-the-art security features and carefully vetted personnel.

So, if you need somewhere to store your stuff (large or small items, such as beds, couches, bikes, etc.), you can check out SecondCloset.

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