Why Businesses Should be Running Giveaway Contests

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Is your business running giveaways?

Nowadays, marketing is not just about advertising your business to your target audiences. However, marketing is also about running giveaway contests to promote your brand.

So, if you want to improve sales and take your business to the next level, running a giveaway contest could be a really great option for you.

Some people believe that free stuff doesn’t last long… However, people still love free stuff and this is not an overstatement.

Actually, it’s in the nature of men! Even small business owners wouldn’t mind getting tools to run their businesses free of charge.

Benefits of running giveaway contests

Nowadays, modern business marketing is more than just traditional advertising campaigns. As a matter of fact, marketing nowadays encompasses such activities as running a giveaway contest and a survey to gather data.

As a marketer, there are great marketing channels such as blogging, SEO, webinars as well as social media. However, incorporating giveaway contests into your marketing strategy will also offer you so many great benefits.

Is your business running giveaway contests?
Is your business running giveaway contests?

In essence, giveaway contests can bring you a great return on your investment like other popular marketing strategies and channels. Below are some of the reasons why running giveaway contests can be great for your business:

#1]. Reward your customers, grow your network

To say that customers love being rewarded for their patronage is not an overstatement. This is why running giveaway contests could be a great way to reward your customers and offer something to keep them coming back.

For brands, social media offers a great platform to engage and acquire new customers because almost everyone is on one or more social media platforms nowadays. Running a giveaway offers you a better way to build your social media following.

#2]. Generate more leads

It’s not a secret that every business wants to generate more leads. This is why most businesses developed lead generation strategies to attract new customers and improve sales. However, as a business, running a giveaway or contest can also help you generate a ton leads vial email marketing and social media platforms.

How does it work? You offer a prize for participants to share content, refer friends, and like your social media profiles. However, you have to make sure the incentive is something your audience would get excited about if you are planning to giveaway to capture leads.

#3]. Gain better product exposure

Are you launching a new product? Do you want to generate buzz around your newly launched product? The fact is that launching your product with a giveaway is an amazing way to generate buzz around your brand.

For instance, you can give away limited or free editions of your product to generate interests and fuel excitement. This means you will be able to get people to actually try the product out. Also, it will help you to gauge people’s interest in your brand and product.

#3]. Save money

Running a giveaway can be an inexpensive & cost-effective marketing channel; the cost associated with running a giveaway can be low and predictable. Just budget for the cost of the prize, how you’ll market it, and the time you spend on managing the process.

#4]. Give back to your customers and fans

Giveaway offers you a great opportunity to give back to your loyal customers and fans. In other words, running a giveaway is arguably the best way to show your appreciation.

As a matter of fact, running a giveaway will get your fans talking and chatting about your brand. This could give your brand a fantastic opportunity to outperform the rival brands.

#5]. Cheaper and saves time

Nowadays, marketing costs money and it doesn’t matter whether it’s digital or traditional advertising. For a small business running a small marketing budget, the best thing is to look for other means to get your brand out there for people to see.

So, running a giveaway actually costs less compare to other internet marketing channels. Also, it doesn’t require a lot of technical knowledge. It also saves you time as the time usually spent to create and launch a giveaway promotion is relatively low.



Why Businesses Should be Running a Giveaway Contests
PIN IT: Benefits for Businesses Running a Giveaway Contests
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