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9 Smart Ways to Run Your Business from Your iPhone

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 6 Min Read
how to run your small business from your iPhone

Whether it’s Android or iPhone, modern smartphones have become a necessity as they are like mini-computers that can do about everything a laptop can do.

And unlike big computers, mobile phones easily fit in our pocket and are more accessible. That’s why more people now use these small devices to connect to the internet.

They are now even preferred by businessmen who want to keep connected to their business even while on the go. It’s a smart idea and not difficult at all; you just need to know a few things to efficiently use them.

Do you know how to run business from your iPhone

Nowadays, about 45% of smartphone users own iPhones. So, here I have shared nine tips for iPhone users about managing their business through their mobile phones.

#1]. Get a separate iPhone

You will have a lot of things to do on your iPhone when running a business with it. If you try to use the same device for your personal use, you will end up making many mistakes that could damage your work.

Besides, it will also affect your productivity and accessibility to essential functions. Make sure you get a separate iPhone and configure it according to your business requirements.

#2]. Get a credit card reader

You have to deal with many financial transactions when running a business. Online banking is very helpful, but you can’t do anything when there is a customer standing in front of you with a credit card.

An easy solution to this problem is the iPhone card reader. It will allow you to process all transactions within seconds using a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.


#3]. Connect all social accounts

Every business needs social media marketing. It allows you to attract new customers and keep connected to existing ones. Luckily, you don’t necessarily need a professional for this job. Just make sure you have all social media apps installed and connected to pages of your business.

Login to all emails in your iPhone you may have provided to your customers or on your website. Most official business work is done through emails.

Your current and potential clients will contact you through the email and you must respond in a timely manner. A smart way is to turn on notifications for every time you get a mail.

#5]. Try a remote access app

There might be a few important things you can only save in a computer. You can’t always take your desktop device everywhere you go.

So you should get a remote access app that will allow you to get any file from the computer using your iPhone without any physical access.

These apps have their limitations like the computer has to be turned on for remote access, but you must keep them for emergency times.

#6]. Get a wireless keyword

One can deal with a small mobile screen, but the miniature keyboard won’t let you work productively. You can’t type properly and end up making a lot of mistakes.

Most of your work would involve typing whether replying to a prospect’s query or responding to a client’s email.

That’s why you should get a wireless keyboard to connect to the iPhone. You will see everything on the mobile screen and type with the keyboard when needed.

run your business from iphone

#7]. Keep your iPhone secure

When you have all sensitive accounts and information on your iPhone, your business depends on it. It will significantly hurt your work if anything is to happen to it.

Take appropriate security measures to keep it safe. Start by enabling a difficult password and don’t share it with anyone. Also, ensure no unauthorized person has physical access to your iPhone.


#8]. Optimize home screen with shortcuts

Professionals have to do everything quickly and correctly. It goes against this idea if you have to search for the function you are looking for.

Everything app and menu should be in one-tap access. Create a shortcut of all functions you use on the home screen. Position according to your comfort and don’t change their positions.

#9]. Use a voice technology

Voice technology has really developed in recent years. You can use Siri as your virtual assistant. It will remind you of things to do and get a task of minutes done with just one voice command. Make sure you make a habit using voice technology to properly utilize its full potential.



How to Run Your Business from Your iPhone
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