Essential Time-Saving Tools For Serious Bloggers And Freelance Copywriters

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essential bloggers time-saving tools

There are so many great tools for serious bloggers out there. However, most bloggers are not even aware that so many of these blogging tools are available for free.

We all know that almost everyone wants to be a blogger nowadays because they feel they can read and write.

Mind you, there is more to blogging than just creating content. In fact, with the right tools, you can easily turn blogging to profitable a business.

However, blogging is not just about writing content, but also about the quality of the content. This means you have to always come up with quality content especially if you want people to take you as a serious blogger.

This is because quality content is what differentiates serious and good bloggers from other “bloggers”.

blogging is a business now

A pro-blogger knows how to write creative content with interesting headlines to inspire and motivate his or her audience. If you are new to blogging or you are just trying to establish yourself, this is what you should be working towards.

However, in your attempt to stay on top of your game, do remember that there are common blogging mistakes you should always avoid as a new blogger.

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Essential tools for bloggers

Blogging and copywriting requires some time-saving research tools that can help you come up with awesome content.


As a blogger or content writer, many of these tools are essential if you truly want to make a career out of what you love doing.

The good thing is that many of these awesome tools are free resources. Also, you can sign up for some of them on trial with limited functionalities.

However, you can invest in paid versions that offer much more functionalities for serious bloggers and freelancers.


[A]. Content writing tools

At times, writing awesome content takes much time for bloggers and content writers because they have to proofread their work.

Serious bloggers and content writers will have to do more to ensure their works are free of such things as spelling and grammar mistakes.

essential bloggers time-saving tools

This means you will have to invest in a robust word processor and writing and editing software. You will also need such essential bloggers and freelance copywriters tools as grammar and spelling checkers.

These tools will not only help improve your grammar but will also help you make proper word choices. Below are some of the best grammar and spelling checkers you can use to perfect your writing.

#1]. QuillBot

QuillBot is one of the must-have writing tools for serious bloggers and copywriters
Use QuillBot is one of the best writing tools for bloggers

Arguably, is the best writing tool for bloggers and copywriters to easily perfect their works. Its paraphrasing tool helps millions of people rewrite and enhance any sentence, paragraph, or article using state-of-the-art AI. QuillBot’s paraphraser can rephrase any text in a variety of different ways.


#2]. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is a powerful time-saving writing tool that can increase efficiency
Let WhiteSmoke save you time and increase your efficiency

Bloggers and copywriters can also use WhiteSmoke to proofread their writings. This is a robust writing tool that can help you find undetected errors in your works.

WhiteSmoke software can also check sentence structure as well as grammar and spelling mistakes. It offers suggestions for punctuation and style mistakes as well as potential errors in your works.



[B].Content discovery and marketing

Investing in content discovery tools will help you come up with a trending content idea. Not only that, but it will also help you stay ahead of the game when it comes to quality content. These are highly essential tools you shouldn’t hesitate to invest in because they will immensely contribute to your work.

#1]. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo gives you a quick overview of most shared content on the internet
Use Buzzsumo to get access to most shared content on the internet

BuzzSumo offers a gold mine of data for bloggers, marketers and content writers. It’s where to go when you want to know what content is the most shared on the internet across any topic.

It also features BuzzSumo Trending which allows you to see the stories that are most popular today, for any trending topic. This is especially helpful for bloggers and content writers to come up with quality and trending content.

#2]. Hubspot

Hubspot offers everything from marketing to sales and clients management
From marketing to sales and clients management, offers everything

HubSpot is another powerful tool for bloggers and freelance copywriters we think you should check out. This is an inbound marketing and sales platform that can help you attract visitors and convert leads.

Its ultimate list of free content creation tools and resources will offer you some great pointers on freemium versions of research tools that you can test out.


[c]. Content curation tools

Investing in content curation tools will also help you save time on research. These powerful tools will help you sort through content on the web and present it in a meaningful and organised way.

In addition to staying up-to-date on current events, scanning through the feeds can give you great ideas for future client pitches. Below are some of the essential time-saving tools that will help you to manage a list of contents from the Internet.

#1]. Pocket

Buzzsumo gives you a quick overview of most shared content on the internet
Pocket is one of the best tools for content discovery

One of the best productivity tools for young entrepreneurs, Pocket is an app and service to help you manage a reading list of articles from the Internet.

The tool helps you stay up-to-date on the latest marketing news, trends, and strategies. It lets you add content via your browser, email, or from over 1500 other apps including Twitter, Flipboard, and Pulse.

#2]. Paperli helps facilitate content discovery for granular/long tail topics and news
Use to easily discover content for granular/long tail topics and news is another content curation tool you can use to curate interesting content shared via social media (Twitter, Facebook etc), or pulled in from YouTube or blogs and other online content.

This tool will help you turn socially shared content into beautiful online newspapers and newsletters. It is a powerful cloud-based service and it is available for free but it charges $9 per month for Pro users.


[D]. Social media management tools

Most social media management tools are powerful time-saving tools that will let you manage your social media activities from one dashboard. These tools allow you to publish and schedule as well as monitor and analyze your social media activities.


#1]. Buffer

Try Buffer, it helps you schedule posts on popular social media platforms
Use Buffer to schedule posts on popular social media platforms

Buffer is a popular social media tool and one of the easiest ways to share contents on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. This tool allows you to schedule updates to post at optimal times, whether you’re around or not.

You can also build up a queue of awesome content to share with your friends and followers, and follow up on your posts with Buffer’s straightforward analytics to see which posts performed best.

#2]. SproutSocial

Use SproutSocial to manage all your social media activities
Try SproutSocial, it’s a powerful social media management platform for bloggers

is another social media management tool bloggers and content writers can use to find new customers and grow their social media presence.

It’s an engagement management tool that helps businesses provide exceptional consumer experiences across social networks. It is one of the most popular social media dashboards for social media enthusiast.

#3]. SocialBee

Social media management tools, SocialBeeSocialBee is the all-in-one social media management tool you need to smoothly run your social media. It helps you keep up with Twitter’s fast-paced rhythm while increasing the productivity of your social media marketing team.

You can easily create, edit and post content on social media. It also works with other platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google My Business.  Ready to get started? Start your free trial here! 


Powerful and Essential Time-Saving Tools For Serious Bloggers And Freelance Copywriters
PIN IT: Powerful and Essential Time-Saving Tools For Serious Bloggers And Freelance Copywriters
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