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No doubt about it, sales is an important aspect of a successful business. But having a great tool like can help you supercharge your sales team.

Every business depends on sales because, without them, there is no chance for the business to survive. In fact, sales is what makes a business survive a tough economy in a competitive market.

“Leverage Reply’s smart and AI-backed features to engage with your prospects better and faster.”

Not only that but there is also no chance to talk about expansion too if the business doesn’t make sales. As a business owner, marketing and sales are some of the enablers responsible for your business growth.

However, your ability to make or generate more sales could be assisted by marketing. Also, you could easily improve your sales if you have the right sales tools like this one.

How can help supercharge your sales team

Every sales team needs one or more tools to be able to do their jobs and easily achieve their sales goals. This is a powerful sales engagement platform that helps supercharge your sales team.

This tool will easily help you automate email searches, LinkedIn outreach, personal emails, and calls. It eliminates routine work and lets your sales team focus on what really matters – closing deals.

Below are the best ways can help your sales team acquire more prospects and improve sales.

#1]. Discover prospects on LinkedIn

This is the tool you need to discover potential customers on LinkedIn. The platform works seamlessly with LinkedIn to help the sales team achieve their sales goals.

Reply’s email finder and outreach extension searches for prospects’ emails on LinkedIn in seconds, free of charge, and automates the outreach process. The tool lets you easily find business emails on LinkedIn and push them to a sequence in Reply. sales leads tools

Reply Offers Chrome Extension you can install to discover prospects’ business emails on LinkedIn and ramp up your productivity. With this tool, your daily tasks and the ability to connect via email, voice, and social channels are always within reach.

  • LinkedIn business email search for a list of contacts
  • Sync contacts from Salesforce, Hubspot, and Copper CRM
  • Unlimited contact, email, and phone search
  • Gmail compatible, email and phone sourcing
  • Pushing contacts to a sequence in Reply


#2]. Engage with leads via multiple channels

When it comes to sales, it’s not just about acquiring leads, but it’s also about engaging your leads. So, as a matter of fact, engaging leads is the most important step to take after generating leads.

With, you can easily engage your leads with automated multichannel sequences. Combine personal emails, follow-ups, calls, social touches, and tasks into a multichannel sequence to reach your prospects wherever they are.

  • Emails, calls, tasks, LinkedIn connection steps
  • Email and sequence templates
  • Tailored messaging, A/B testing
  • Basic and custom variables


#3]. Work better, speed up the sales workflow

The tool generates a list of tasks and calls for you every day within multichannel sequences. This means you can easily make the most out of your sales efforts by following the list. Also, you can manage contacts and prospective customers with ease.

The tool lets you segment your prospects according to a myriad of criteria to keep your outreach organized. Work better by collaborating on campaigns and prospects. Manage team members, share email and campaign templates, track team performance, and more.

  • Self-service and team management for calls
  • Daily workflow on tasks dashboard
  • Prospect status visibility
  • Native CRM Integrations, API & Zapier
  • Log for direct and sequence calls


#4]. Report, analyse and improve Helps you stay ahead of the game by tracking your sequence progress and analyzing team results with the tool’s detailed report. Also, you can tune your messaging to reach peak performance. Reply offers a set of improvement tools to help you get better results.

  • Sequence and team
  • Calls recording and listening
  • Email A/B testing
  • Email quality check


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