10+ Best Referral Marketing Tools To Grow Your Business [updated]

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referral marketing tools to grow businesses

Nowadays, referral marketing is an integral part of business marketing and brands now need to have the right referral software for better ROIs.

The fact is that today’s businesses are operating in a highly competitive environment. And at times, it could cost a fortune to market a business.

So, how do you promote your business in a competitive market without burning your pocket? How will your startup easily close more sales in a competitive market and on a small budget?

The fact is that one of the essential tasks for any business is to plan and implement an effective marketing strategy. However, this is also one of the most challenging and sometimes expensive things to do.

Today, consumers are being bombarded by advertisements both on TV, radio, and in traditional print media. This is because every brand wants to sell its products or services to potential customers.

Why referral marketing?

In an attempt to sell, there is only one message and it is usually “buy from them”. However, popular paid media advertising and pay-per-click campaigns are not cheap even though they are not really that effective.

Traditional paid media advertising is somehow expensive and doesn’t really offer much in most cases. Big brands with a fortune in marketing budget can afford to spend big but not small startup businesses.

It means that small businesses will have to engage in budget-friendly small business marketing strategies that work like magic.

This is why so many brands are now looking into traditional word-of-mouth or referral marketing to make more sales.


Word-of-mouth marketing is all about incentivizing your existing customers to bring more business. The fact is that referred customers have a higher retention rate, and this difference persists over time.

So, how do businesses keep customers happy for word-of-mouth marketing and great brand reputation? How do you incentivize customers to bring in more sales? Businesses typically incentivize customers through special offers, discounts, free gifts, and others.

Best referral marketing tools

Referral marketing is somehow similar to affiliate marketing and it is really growing. The fact is that brands are now looking for other means than the usual traditional marketing to improve sales.

“Your buyers don’t trust marketers or salespeople, but they do trust recommendations from their peers.”

This is arguably the best reason for the sudden growth in referral marketing. With the help of social media, it’s much easier to get new clients or customers through word-of-mouth or referral marketing.

Referral marketing tools are key to acquiring new loyal customers and increasing sales. Below are some of the best referral marketing tools you can use to effectively grow your business.

#1]. InviteReferrals

InviteReferrals lets you increase referral sales
InviteReferrals lets you increase referral sales

InviteReferrals is one of the best refer-a-friend software for mobile app and website. It is the simplest tool to design and launch customer referral campaigns to easily grow your business.

How does it work? The customer invites friends through the referral program, friend accepts, installs the mobile app, and completes the purchase. Then InviteReferrals will send a coupon to the referrer over email for driving a referral sale.

#2]. Woobox

Woobox helps you achieve your sales goals
Woobox helps you achieve your sales goals

Woobox.com lets you easily create engaging and fun marketing campaigns. This tool allows you to create beautiful contests, giveaways, and other campaigns with ease.

Trusted by over 4 million brands to help them run effective campaigns, the tool comes with powerful features that make customization easy. It means you can easily build a campaign that is right for your business.

#3]. CleverTap

CleverTap lets you increase user engagement
CleverTap lets you increase user engagement

CleverTap offers a user-centric approach to app analytics and user engagement. Its ability to have analytics and engagement on the same platform is critical to customer acquisition and retention strategy.

The tool also features an advanced segmentation engine that allows businesses to send hyper-contextual messages to customers based on their past experiences.

#4]. ReferralSaaSquatch.com

SaaSquatch helps you improve conversion rates
SaaSquatch helps you improve conversion rates

Referral SaaSquatch is a good referral marketing tool to grow your business. It offers customized referral program software and expertise to businesses with thousands of customers.


The app lets you improve your referral sales, and track and analyze how your customers move through the referral marketing funnel. Plans start from $399 a month, but the demo and individual consultation are available on request.

#5]. InviteBox

InviteBox helps you improve conversion rates
InviteBox helps you reach new customers

InviteBox lets you add a referral program to your site in minutes. Businesses can you this referral marketing tool to reach new customers.

This is the tool you need to come up with great reward ideas for your referral program. It helps you design and launch a referral program to improve customer acquisition and sales. You can offer instant rewards, goal-based rewards, referral contests, sweepstakes, and giveaways.

NOTE: This service is no longer available.

#6]. GeniusReferrals

Genius Referrals lets you analyze and tweak your referral marketing
Genius Referrals is one of the best solutions

Genius Referrals is another great referral marketing platform that helps businesses to acquire new customers using word-of-mouth and recommendation techniques.

The powerful tool lets you design and personalizes your campaigns within minutes. It offers the solutions your company needs for successfully implementing referral marketing programs at a low cost.

#7]. Influitive

AdvocateHub helps you ignite growth with advocate marketing
Ignites growth with AdvocateHub

Influitive’s AdvocateHub motivates advocates to share content, reviews, and testimonials across the social web, resulting in more impressions, engagement, and traffic for your brand.

This is one of the best platforms for customer advocacy and engagement. Enrolls and motivate customers as advocates for your business now.

#8]. Extole

Extole helps you improve conversion rates
Extole helps you improve conversion rates

Extole offers advocate solutions designed to match your business’s customer acquisition goals. Microsoft and Virgin America are said to be among the major brands using the tool.

The platform easily lets you turn customers into advocates with their retail-specific solution. It makes word-of-mouth a scalable channel for customer acquisition. Free demos and extensive training resources are available on the website.

#10]. RewardStream

RewardStream brings you new customers
RewardStream brings you new customers

RewardStream offers referral programs that get results for businesses of any size. It lets you reward your advocates for promoting your business to their friends, and it’s easy, affordable, and can grow as you do. NOTE: This service is no longer available.

#10]. ReveMarketing

Reve Marketing helps you capture new customers
Reve Marketing helps you capture new customers

Reve Marketing is a customer acquisition and retention platform that generates viral referrals for businesses, using the social connections of their customers.


It offers ready-made match solutions to turn up the volume on referral programs, digital promotions, loyalty programs, customer engagement, and more. It lets you kickstart your marketing programs to capture and convert new customers.

NOTE: This service is no longer available.

#11]. SwellRewards

SwellRewards is trusted by leading brands as a top referral software
SwellRewards is trusted by leading brands

SwellRewards is an incentive marketing platform that allows companies to create highly-tailored rewards and referral programs with ease.

It powers incentive marketing programs for high-volume e-commerce businesses around the world. With carefully tailored on-site experiences and the ability to deliver ongoing managed services, Swell programs are scalable, on-brand, and effective.

#12]. Albacross

Albacross helps you identify and reach your target high-value companies
Use Albacross to reach your target high-value companies

Albacross is a B2B lead generation platform, which enables businesses to identify and monitor the companies that are visiting their websites.

Albacross will provide you with a detailed overview of each lead, which includes the following information: company size, revenue, demographics, and contact details of the company’s decision-makers. This platform lets you automatically generate leads and convert them into paying customers.


10+ Best Referral Marketing Tools To Effectively Grow Your Business
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