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Why You Will Probably Get More Twitter Followers

Elechi Emekobum By Elechi Emekobum 6 Min Read

How do I get more Twitter followers? What can I tweet about? These and others are sorts of questions that might have been on your mind.

Since it was first launched in which Twitter founder Jack Dorsey sent his first tweet “Just setting up my twttr” to the world, the way we communicate was forever changed.

With over 500 million registered Twitter users and over 300 million active users, Twitter has become a social media sensation that many of us now feel like we couldn’t live without.

From millions of unknown people like me and you to very popular politicians as well as celebrities, Twitter is the new home for people from all walks of life.

Twitter for personal and business use

Twitter is not just a place to tweet, it’s also a place to meet new people, find others in your field, keep updated with your favourite celebs as well as get up-to-the-minute information on current events.

Twitter has spawned a new way to communicate and has played a part in protests, political campaigns, and large world events.

Stuff like a presidential election, the Olympics and even tracking weather will never be the same. Twitter can put us right there, in the action even though we may be half a world away.

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Businesses have jumped on Twitter as a way to share information and connect with customers like never before. Up and coming performers are finding new fans and job seekers are finding opportunities they may have never come across otherwise.


How to get more Twitter followers

Though depending on what you are using your Twitter account for, getting people to follow you could prove to be really hard. We are all on Twitter for different reasons. Some people are using Twitter personally to get the latest information on stuff that are matters to them.

Why and how to get more twitter followers

Some people are using Twitter to follow their favourite celebrities, brands, football teams, businesses, colleges, and others. This type of person doesn’t usually tweet. Below are some of the reasons why you will probably get more Twitter followers.

#1]. Share common interests

Twitter is a valuable networking tool, whether it’s for business or personal use. Most of the Twitter users are on the microblogging platform to meet and make friends with people that share or have the same interests.

Twitter users usually use the hashtag to search for tweeps who like their favourite things. So, it’s likely that you will get more people that share your interest to follow you on Twitter if you are properly using the hashtag in your tweets.

#2]. Inspirational and helpful tweets

Some Twitter followers will probably follow you because they find your tweets inspirational and really helpful. Twitter is another avenue through which people can get inspirational quotes as well as links to motivational articles written by other people who have shared similar life-changing experiences.

So if you are good with “words” that can motivate others, your Twitter followers will turn to your tweets and positive thoughts to inspire them, and they will be happy to share your wisdom.

#3]. Funny, humorous stuff

Another popular means of getting more Twitter followers is through funny and humorous jokes. Remember lots of people on Twitter like a blend of serious and funny stuff.

But make sure you keep your content original for the most part because the originality of your tweets will make more people like and follow you. So, if you’re funny, you should have no problem finding new followers.

#4]. Informative tweets

Lots and lots of people are looking for information on/about one thing or the other and Twitter is one of the top sources of information that most people use.

This is why people with Twitter accounts that share useful and relevant information are among the most popular on Twitter.

So, if you post informative tweets that some folks find really useful, it’s likely that they will follow you so that they can be able to get more of your tweets.


#5]. Friendship

Just like Facebook, lots of people on Twitter are there to make friends after all it’s “social” media where people socialise and meet others.

Whether it’s your neighbour, your colleagues at work, your former schoolmates, or your long-lost friends, Twitter offers a great avenue for people to connect, reunite and make friends.



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  • Hi Elechi, these are some good tips to build your twitter following. I’m not sure I agree with the “funny stuff” because it’s not necessarily the thing people want in their NEWS stream, but maybe it’s a good alternative for special lists.

    I totally agree on the other points, especially the positive and helpful tweets. If you ask me it’s also good to have a great profile (portrait and bio) and a fair amount of hashtags in your tweets to get noticed.

    • “Hi Elechi, these are some good tips to build your twitter following. I’m not sure I agree with the “funny stuff” because it’s not necessarily the thing people want in their NEWS stream, but maybe it’s a good alternative for special lists.”

      I think you are very right on this according to your opinion. I still personally believe that some people out there like to read funny tweets such as jokes, and these kind of people usually tend to follow people that tweet funnily!

  • Everyone knows twitter and wish to get more Followers for personal & business, but few people knows actual use of twitter. This article gives perfect idea about twitter.

  • Interesting post, it was really helpful web site had been wondering more about this.
    I’ll be sure to share this so a lot more people can see too.

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