The time is now for brands to embrace real-time marketing and take advantage of advertising trends.

But is the time right for your business to get real about real-time marketing?

Can your business also benefit from some kind of spur-of-the-moment marketing?

The truth is that companies can no longer afford to wait weeks to react to breaking news or feature the same trend in ads for months.

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Brands, real-time marketing and the internet

Thanks to the internet, it’s now possible to gain immediate access to anything at any time. The internet itself has made life easy for brands and marketers to access breaking news.

The internet also ushered in the demand for a real-time response to everything, including advertising and marketing. As a result, marketers need to have fast responses to mainstream events or they’ll miss out on many engagement opportunities.

5 Smart Ways Brands And Marketers Can Improve Real-Time Marketing

In fact, recent research revealed that using real-time marketing methods helped 81% of brands increase customer engagement, and 73% of respondents improve their overall customer experience.

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Real-time marketing also allowed 60% of brands to boost their conversion rates. So, it appears that real-time marketing can make a real difference in consumer response, relations, and ROI. To help brands adopt real-time marketing tactics, below are five smart tactics you can easily adopt as offered by MarketingProfs.

#1]. Stay plugged in to social media

The only way to make the most of the most of the real-time marketing is by staying constantly connected to the social scene.

Follow all of the daily cultural buzz instead of only focusing on the major events. You never know when a fleeting cultural moment could offer the ideal marketing opportunity, so it pays to stay socially connected.

#2]. Ensure the cultural moment fits the brand’s culture

Lots of cultural events happen every day, but they aren’t all right for every brand. The way to make real-time marketing come across as authentic is by only leveraging topics that make sense for the brand’s image and business. When the moment is right for real-time marketing, it will have a natural connection and success will happen authentically.

#3]. Make messages relevant to the person and the platform

Now that lots of companies are engaging in real-time marketing, there’s more clutter and chaos than ever. The way to make a message stand out from the crowd is by making it personally beneficial to the consumer and placing it on the right platform. This will make the marketing message capture the right attention and click with consumers.

#4]. Sharing a message demands sharing a dialogue

If a brand’s going to send a real-time message that gets people talking, they must be ready to engage in conversations. Marketing is no longer just about distributing information, it’s based on sharing insights, feedback, and dialogues with consumers.

#5]. Stay aware to stay ahead

Brands must constantly focus on their target audience to ensure that they always understand the kind of content that engages them and events that excite them. This makes it much easier for brands to decipher the right cultural moments and the best ways to use real-time marketing to create relevant engagement.


5 Smart Ways Brands And Marketers Can Improve Real-Time Marketing
PIN IT: 5 Smart Ways Brands And Marketers Can Improve Real-Time Marketing
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