4 Ways to Effectively Prepare Your Business For a Cyber Attack

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cyber security and data protection problem

The cost of cybercrime across the world is expected to increase to over $6 trillion by 2021, according to the research company Cybersecurity Ventures. This is an amount that’s doubled since the $3 trillion of damages caused by cybercriminals in 2015.

It’s a bleak forecast for companies of any size and across all industries. Those particularly affected are small businesses because of the lack of needed resources.

So, is your business in danger of cyber attack? How well are you prepared? Do you have the necessary tools to help you counter cyber attacks?

How to Effectively Prepare Your Business for Cyber Attack

Most small businesses may not always have the necessary amount of resources to block or diminish any attacks. This will surely make them vulnerable to potential cyber attacks that may even ruin their business.

cyber security and data protection problems

But the problem is that some people still don’t know why small business should be concerned about cyber security. However, the good news is that small businesses can minimize their risk of a cyber attack by taking the right precautionary steps. These steps include:

#1]. Be Aware of Phishing

Phishing is one of the first ways through which a malicious attack may begin. This usually occurs when cybercriminals pose as somebody else. They often pose as a company or a trusted individual within the workplace to get access to protected and sensitive information.

It’s a fact that phishing is often done in the form of emails. However, you should be aware that it could be a printed letter, social media message or something else. Your team has to be aware of the questions that they would never be asked via these methods.

Such questions about passwords and other sensitive financial information should be looked after. Also, make sure that everybody knows the tell-tale signs of phishing so that it’s easier to recognise.


#2]. Strongly Password Protect Everything

If something can be password protected, then it definitely should be. This includes all employee’s laptops, smartphones, tablets, and files. Wherever possible, set up accounts that utilize two-factor verification. You can ask employees to verify their identity via text message, phone call or email before they are allowed access.

This will go a long way in helping you to further deter hackers from getting in. Plus, You can use a password manager to ensure that passwords are strong and difficult to guess is essential.

#3]. Protect Your Data in the Cloud

Nobody likes to lose their data, particularly if it contains anything sensitive or personal about employees, customers or your business. But if you’re still storing data on physical servers, hard drives, and external storage solutions, then you’re putting yourself at risk of losing it forever if they’re stolen.

Instead, make it far more difficult for cybercriminals to get their hands on your data by transferring everything to strongly password protected accounts behind firewalls in the cloud. Not only will this protect data from theft, but it will also make it easy to access even if your physical storage devices are damaged or broken down.

#4]. Plan for the Worst

Today, it’s not a question of ‘if’, but rather ‘when’ a cybersecurity breach occurs for small businesses. Therefore, it’s imperative that you plan ahead and are fully prepared for the worst to happen.

Prevention is just as important as a response plan, and never rule out a breach that comes from within, either. Secure Forensics can go over the files and accounts in your business to determine any suspicious activity from employees, in order to stop a breach before it occurs.

For small businesses today, being ready to deal with a cyber attack is more important than ever, so it would be wise to take these suggested steps.


How to Effectively Prepare Your Business against Cyber attack
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