Finance plays a major role in the existence of a business. This is why it is arguably the most important aspect of running a business.

But the problem is that so many small businesses and young entrepreneurs are struggling to make money nowadays.

However, the issue is not just about struggling to make the money, it’s also about struggling to manage the little income.

The fact is that so many small businesses have struggled to survive because they failed to properly manage their finances.

For this reason, it’s important for small businesses to manage their finances. This means business owners need to make sure that their business account is up to date and healthy too.

Individuals also struggle to manage their finances

However, it’s not just small businesses that are struggling with their finances. There are so many individuals that also find it really difficult to manage their finance.

Pockit prepaid credit card offers the best option
Pockit prepaid credit card offers the best option

The fact that debit and credit cards offer a quicker, safer and easier way to do shopping means people can easily overspend. In short, the convenience of paying by card can get people into debt before they even realise it.

This is why financial management is not just for small businesses alone. A man that struggles to manage his finances will also run into troubles such as bankruptcy. Please see 8 Obvious Signs That Indicate It’s Time To File For Bankruptcy.

However, prepaid credit card offers young entrepreneurs the opportunity to manage their finance better. This is why having a Prepaid Credit Card could turn out to be a better option for small businesses and individuals.

Why Pockit Prepaid Credit Card Is A Good Option

Pockit is not a traditional bank account but it’s a popular prepaid MasterCard provider that can help you manage your finance. The team at Pockit aims to make financial services available to all. The company offers prepaid credit card you can top up and use to shop anywhere they accept MasterCard.

Pockit prepaid card webpage
Pockit prepaid card webpage

There are so many financial service providers out there that claim to offer affordable prepaid credit cards for small businesses and young entrepreneurs. However, we think Pockit offers the best option for both small businesses and individuals. Below are some of the reasons why you should get Pockit prepaid credit card.

#1]. It offers convenience and no credit check is required

No doubt about it, Pockit prepaid card offers the most convenient for small business owners and individuals to do their shopping.

Not only that, Pockit is available to everyone regardless of your income. Another thing is that it requires no credit rating as it does not offer a credit facility. Also, the card is available whether or not you hold a UK bank account.

#2]. You are in control and can easily manage your finance

Arguably, Pockit prepaid card offers the best way to control your spending. This card gives you the opportunity to easily manage your finance by setting your spending limit according to your budget. Also, you won’t get into debt as the card offers no credit facility.

This is particularly good for small business owners as they are prevented from spending money they don’t have. Furthermore, it’s easy to put money on the card. You can top-up your card via text, phone, a Paypoint, the Post Office or by BACS transfer from your bank account.

#3]. Simple and quick application process

Pockit is not a traditional bank account. The application process is simple and straightforward. You can sign up within 2 minutes and get an instant account number and sort code. However, applicants must be UK residents aged 18 or over. Also, you will need to provide acceptable ID to upgrade your account to no-limit.

Pockit prepaid card fees
Pockit prepaid card fees

#4]. Good for teenagers and students

Successful applicants can also apply for additional cards for friends and family members. You can get additional cards for your children as this can give your child a great sense of independence. It also helps you teach them the rudiments of managing their finances. This means you are preparing your child well and you don’t need to worry about them overspending.

#5]. It’s a basic type of bank account

This prepaid card can also serve as an alternative to a traditional bank account. You can deposit your income directly into your Pockit account via bank transfer if the payment you receive is £1,500 for less.

You can make a deposit into your Pockit account via bank transfer. Simply retrieve your unique account number and sort code from inside your online account and give them to whoever is making the deposit into your Pockit account.

#6]. Get cashback and save money

Another great thing is that Pockit prepaid card offers cashback benefits for purchases you make on the card, particularly online. Shop as often as you like at any of their partner’s outlets and save money on your shopping.

Visit Pockit‘s website for a comprehensive list of partners where you can do your shopping and get cashback. The cashback you earn will then be paid into your account within 60 days. The company will also highlight it on your online statement so that you will know where the money comes from.


6 Reasons Why Pockit Prepaid Credit Card Is The Best Option For Small Businesses and Individuals
PIN IT: 6 Reasons Why Pockit Prepaid Credit Card Is The Best Option For Small Businesses and Individuals
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