Pinterest marketing is becoming a necessity, especially for top brands. The general belief is that Pinterest and Instagram offer better results when it comes to brand marketing and users engagement.

Pinterest is one of the world’s most popular social bookmarking websites that is capable of driving web traffic to a business website on a regular basis.

But how well are you using this platform for your business marketing? How well are small businesses generally using social media to market their businesses and promote their brands?

There are quite some interesting Pinterest stats for marketers that show how effective the social media platform could be especially when it comes to ecommerce marketing.

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Helpful pinterest stats for marketers

Gone were days when social media is all about Facebook and Twitter, and today, Pinterest is arguably the best social media platform when it comes to brand marketing and user engagements.

Helpful Pinterest marketing stats you need to know

Generally, Pinterest is a social network that works well for visual brands in industries like fashion and design. According to various online researches, Pinterest enjoys better user engagement than Facebook, Twitter or Google+. What used to be a simple social bookmarking platform is now a key marketing channel for top brands.

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Ahalogy recently released infographic showcasing a number of helpful findings that can help marketers shape their own Pinterest strategies. This infographic tells marketers a crucial fact about Pinterest: it’s not really a social network, it’s a search engine.

These helpful Pinterest stats for marketers and advertisers will help businesses looking to use Pinterest to market their brands to understand what the platform is all about and how they can gain from it.

Helpful pinterest stats for marketers

Source: SocialMediaToday


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