Thanks to social media, marketing your business to the right audience is now as easy as eating cake. In fact, social media has become an essential marketing channel for big brands and small businesses nowadays.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have become a place to be for brands to reach their target audience.

With more than 200 million monthly active users of which 70 per cent are women, Pinterest offers an exciting opportunity to get your business in front of your audience.

Key Pinterest Statistics For Social Media Marketers

Pinterest is a social media platform known for visual content from fashion and education to food and shopping ideas. The photo-sharing social media platform is one of the key content discovery platforms that offers so many potentials.

using Pinterest for affiliate marketing

In fact, it’s a platform that helps drive online commerce. Nowadays, Pinterest has become a favourite social media channels for marketing professionals.

And luckily, there are some great Pinterest marketing tools out there to leverage the platform for your business marketing.

#1]. Pinterest usage statistics

According to some online reports, about 2 million people post pins every day on Pinterest, resulting in a total of over 100 billion pins saved on Pinterest. The platform claims that about 80% of Pinterest users use their mobile app.

The majority of Pinterest users are millennials as 1 out of 2 U.S. millennials use Pinterest every month, more than any other age group. These millennials say that they use the platform to plan their lives and special moments. They claimed that Pinterest inspires them to make dreams a reality, more than any other platform.

#2]. Pinterest statistics for business

Most of the Pins (two-thirds) come from businesses as over one million businesses are already using the platform to reach their customers. Businesses on Pinterest are using the platform to post pins and ads about their products and brands.

People use Pinterest to search for brands as well as to plan their purchases. A lot of users report that the platform has helped them discover new companies and brands. So, businesses can tap into the popularity and capability of the platform to reach a target audience.

#3]. Pinterest population

Pinterest has a globally spread user based though the majority of these users are in the United States. However, as mentioned earlier, the millennial generation is the specific age group the platform targets.

According to statistics, 50% of all sign-ups come from men while the population of women users is also growing as around 45% of all the women who are Internet users claim to use Pinterest.

#4]. Pinterest drives referral traffic

In a blog post by Pinterest, the platform claimed that around 5% of all website referral traffic comes from Pinterest. Compares to Facebook which drives 25% and the other social networks that are below 1%, Pinterest offers the second most significant portion of web referral traffic out of any social network.

Also, Pinterest drives 33% more referral traffic than Facebook when it comes to shopping websites specifically.

#5]. Advertising statistics

Pinterest users who are sometimes referred to as Pinners are open to ads because they fit seamlessly into the platform. Most users on the platform claim that ads provide useful information about where and how to buy products they care about.

Also, Pinterest offers a wide variety of ads formats for advertisers to choose from. The infographic below offers an insight into 10 key Pinterest statistics that should matter to social media marketers now.

Pinterest statistics for social media marketers

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