No doubt about it, PPC and retargeting marketing efforts are certainly valuable. However, the organic online traffic earned through search engine optimisation still reigns supreme.

SEO is arguably the best way to get valuable web traffic to a business website. However, your website will have to rank high to make it visible to more potential customers.

The fact is that majority of marketing experts believe that a good number of traffic earned through the search engines tend to lead to sales.

This is why there are no other effective means to increase a website’s rank in online search results than SEO.

So, using popular keywords and phrases is the most effective way to get organic site traffic. Your site’s online visibility is the first step to a lasting customer relationship. This is why strong SEO strategies are essential and hugely influential in digital marketing campaigns nowadays.

SMART ways to optimise your website with SEO

optimise your website with SEO
Optimise your website with SEO

SEO isn’t a new term, though the concept and its execution change regularly as new devices are introduced to consumers and people become more adept at researching brands.

Optimising content to rank high in online searches and improve organic traffic requires in-depth industry and keyword knowledge.

Marketers must harness the power of SEO and apply it to their digital marketing campaigns, keeping in mind the following concepts:

#1]. Use Google Analytics to identify performing keywords

Google search engine holds about 70% of search market share, this is why most businesses base their SEO ranking on Google. But how do you understand how well your website is performing on search engines? How do you know which keyword performs best in driving web traffic to your site?

This is why you should use Google Analytics not only to know best keywords but also to monitor your website traffic. Google Analytics informs businesses of the keywords most commonly searched by consumers from particular industries and demographics. Google Webmaster Tools helps marketers identify click-through rates of popular search terms from the previous six months.

#2]. Title tags and meta-descriptions influence site traffic

A title tag defines the title of a website landing page and tells internet users what information a page offers. Meta-descriptions are tiny snippets of content that provide extra insight into what consumers can expect from a site.

Every page on a business’ site should have strong, relevant title tags and meta-descriptions. Avoid piling in too many keywords, which can overwhelm search engines and look like spam. Title tags and meta-descriptions improve SEO rankings and clickability.

#3]. Marketing automation software enhances SEO

Marketing automation is another thing to take into consideration when it comes to SEO strategy. Some marketing automation tools also offer SEO tools that help companies to swiftly identify keywords that drive the most revenue and opportunities for inbound marketing. It also alerts marketers to inbound linking options based on keywords online users search frequently.

#4]. Responsive website design for better SEO

A mobile responsive or adaptive website is crucial to a successful SEO strategy in today’s world of SEO and search marketing. The fact is that your content needs to be accessible to consumers on all mobile devices for better exposure. This is one of the best ways to improve engagement marketing.

Google’s algorithm is now highly focused on mobile optimisation. Therefore, if you want your website to perform better on search engines, it must be responsive and adapt to user’s device. The number of consumers using a smartphone to access websites has increased. According to WebDAM reported, 57% of mobile users think poorly of businesses that don’t have mobile-friendly websites.

#5]. High quality content

Digital marketers must enhance their SEO keyword strategy by consistently producing engaging content. However, it’s not just about producing quality content, it’s also important that content is distributed by other parties.

Today, it’s imperative to maintain a level of high-quality content because this is one of the best ways to increase online visibility and improve SEO.

Make sure that you are creating quality content that helps your readers. You should be very careful and never stuff keywords in your content because keyword stuffing will get you nowhere. Impress site visitors with valuable information, and businesses will see their sites pop up in more locations across the web.

5 SMART Ways To Effectively Optimise Your Website With SEO
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