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How Online Notary Texas Uses Blockchain Technology for Notarization

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 5 Min Read

Do you know that online notary Texas uses blockchain technology to assure tamper-proof notarization and digitally seal your business documents?

Have you ever thought about how your notarized documents could be virtually tamper-proof in the digital era? That answer is online notary solutions and game-changing blockchain technology to seal any document online.

The latest technology is being used for tamper-proofing, which in turn means the genuineness of the documents is ensured and notarized.

Curious about how this works? Observe the magic of the technology through Texas Online Notary Services and relatively straightforward process.

Take your business to the next level by streamlining your business with online notary service get and online notarization for your business documents.

Introduction to blockchain notarization

The technology of blockchain, associated with cryptocurrency, is expected to shake the very world of notarization. But then, what exactly is a blockchain?

In broad explanation, it is a decentralized ledger that logs all the transactions across many computers in such a way that retroactive alteration of the entries can never be tampered with.

This in itself makes the technology perfect for notarization. Here’s how blockchain is taking online notary services to a new level:

  • After a document has been notarized and entered into the blockchain, it cannot be altered, deleted, or lost.
  • All transactions are visible on the blockchain, leading to an unambiguous audit trail for each notarization.
  • No single system is controlling the blockchain, which eliminates fraud and instils trust.
  • The cryptographic nature of a blockchain offers protection from unauthorized access and tampering.

Such features create a strong system for the preservation of the genuineness and integrity of notarized documents.


How blockchain makes notarization tamper-proof

Now, let’s discuss in detail how blockchain technology ensures that notarized documents are tamper-proof.

#1]. Digital fingerprints (Hashes)

Basically, blockchain creates a unique digital fingerprint or hash of the notarized document. In other words, the hash is a code that identifies the document.

In the event of any changes to the document – be it an alteration to just a character – the hash will change, so it becomes very easy to determine whether it has been tampered with.

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#2]. Time-Stamping

Every notarization time is stamped on the blockchain, giving an immutable record of when a document was notarized.

Therefore, the time of the timestamp can be used to verify the authenticity of the document and that it has not been changed since that time.

#3]. Distributed ledger

Blockchain operates under the system of distributed ledgers. In other words, a notarization record is distributed among many nodes or computers.

This decentralization should, in theory, ensure no single point of failure, so data is virtually impossible to be altered without detection.

#4]. Smart contracts

In this way, smart contracts can automate and enforce the terms of notarization. In other words, a smart contract is a self-executing program that automates the actions required in an agreement or contract.

These self-executing contracts come with agreement terms directly written into code; thus, the conditions of notarization are met and maintained with extra safety and efficiency.

Digital notary and blockchain future

Now, you can step into the future with digital notary and blockchain technology. Moreover, how blockchain technology is utilized in online notary services goes a long way toward ensuring tamper-proof notarization.

Furthermore, the immutability, transparency, and security that come with blockchain will really help. Without a doubt, it’ll go a long way toward guaranteeing the integrity of notarized documents to unprecedented levels.


Again, the way blockchain has been leveraged in notarization at present is unbelievably awesome. However, the future promises much better trust.

Also, it promises security, and efficacy in the treatment of important documents — be it real estate transactions, legal documents, or personal documents.


Online Notary Texas Uses Blockchain Technology for Notarization
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