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Office Space Management: How To Make The Most Of Your Office Space And Boost Your Business Productivity

Platterofgold Editor By Platterofgold Editor 4 Min Read

Small space, big savings! What does that tell you as a small business owner? It means office space management is essential to make a workplace productive.

For most business owners, making the most of the office space and boosting productivity is a top priority that can be really challenging.

If you are running a small business with few employees, the cost of office space is the second-biggest expensive after salaries.

Office Space Management

But do you know that working out how much room you need can make a big difference? It can make a difference to the bottom line and improve communication as well as output.

Lack of proper office space management can affect your staff as well as your business performance. Below are some office space management tips you should be considering to boost your productivity.

#1]. Measure desk use

office space management
Computer desk and other office equipment can take much of the office space if not properly arranged. Therefore, working on your office premises once an hour for a week will help you note how many desks and meeting rooms are being used.

This is very important as it will help you weigh up how much space you need and how much can be saved. This is where most of the business owners are wasting office space because they failed to spend the time to examine the space available and how best to make use of it.

#2]. Set targets and use space sensibly

Try to work out a limit of square feet per person and you could cut your needs by up to 20 percent, without affecting workflow. By setting targets like this, you will be able to manage your office space well and help improve on your business output.

Also, make sure you allocate space by need and not by job grade as this will allow greater sharing of knowledge and better use of space. Replace private offices with technology that offers more freedom.


#3]. Work flexibly, streamline storage

Create work patterns that will allow flexibility at the place of work as this can save you money and time as well as increase productivity.

Introduce flexi-time and home working as well as hot-desking to help your staff reach the maximum in their productivity. Also, you can streamline your storage through high-density storage walls which could also be used as office partitions.

#4]. Clear clutter, break-out zones

Make sure it’s part of your business operation policy for your staff to clear their desks so that others can use them. Ensure that bins are strategically placed and can be easily reached by the staff.

Your staff don’t have to walk miles before getting a bin to keep waste papers as this drives down the productivity levels. Create a social hub within your business office premises to accommodate activities like meeting, multi-tasking, team discussions etc.

#5]. Create brighter spaces, use modern furniture

When trying to demarcate or apportion space, make sure you use materials such as glass partitions instead of walls to separate departments.

Also, you should ensure that every employee can see window because natural light tends to improve mood. Make use of light with bright colour schemes to open up a tight floor space.

Another thing is to make sure that your office materials such as office furniture are made with durable materials. If possible, foldable chairs or tables is a good suggestion.


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  • These tips, my dear editor are very effective – and apt.

    You see, when you are starting out, making sure that you use space productively is key! You may also consider the use of all in one tech like printers and computers to save desk space.

    I particularly love the bit about using modern – and bright furniture. Old and dull furnitures have a way of making a room too clustered and unnecessarily “full”.

    Be certain to make the day great!


    • @ Akaahan Terungwa, you are very right, especially on all-in-one tech such as 3-in-one printer that can print, scan and send fax.

      Thanks for reading and commenting, it’s a pleasure to have you here

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