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3 Things to Keep in Mind About Neurodiversity: Does Your Company Embrace It?

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 5 Min Read
Things to Keep in Mind About Neurodiversity: Does Your Company Embrace It?

The fact about the concept of neurodiversity is that it is all about taking the view that any brain differences should be regarded as normal rather than a deficiency.

When you embrace this viewpoint it helps to minimize any potential stigma. The stigma includes the idea that anyone with neurodiversity should be treated differently. This is usually because of their learning and thinking differences.

Forward-thinking companies usually take a positive view when it comes to neurodiversity. They do this by equipping neurodiverse adults with workplace skills and if more can take the same positive outlook it will have a positive impact.

Does your company embrace neurodiversity?

What is neurodiversity?

The idea behind this term is to encourage a different way of thinking. A different way of thinking about people who you might be described as “wired differently”. Especially, when it comes to the way their brain works and how they see and deal with things.

People with autism would be an example of a group of people who are seen as different from the majority of us. However, neurodiversity encourages you to think of this as a positive. It wants you to see the condition is merely a different brain type rather than being a disability.

The concept of neurodiversity encourages people to see the positive sides of the individual’s different brain makeup. That different brain makeup is perfectly natural and means the person has certain gifts that others don’t.

On this basis, companies who embrace neurodiversity could be employing someone who brings a different set of skills with them. This could prove to be a benefit to the company rather than a problem.

Embracing neurodiversity

A few high-profile companies have already embraced the concept of neurodiversity. For instance, Yahoo has even created a new initiative called the Neurodiversity Employee Resource Group. It is designed to help neurodivergent individuals to find a way to use their strengths in a workplace environment.


The fact is that neurodivergent does not need to be viewed in a negative way. This has been illustrated in the fact that the head of the production at Yahoo has previously been diagnosed with ADHD. Also, it has helped encourage a company like Yahoo to create a resource group in the first place.

Hiring for the right reason

The main aim behind encouraging companies to embrace neurodiversity is not about fulfilling diversity criteria. Also, it’s not about ticking the right social responsibility boxes.

The main aim is all about putting a value on all types of mind types. It’s also about finding a job within your organization that is best suited to their skills and strengths.

It will be great if companies can help to make certain mental health challenges less of an issue. This is because it will encourage individuals to talk more openly about any issues that they have to contend with as a result of having a different way of thinking to others.

Actually, it is not that difficult for a business to display a certain amount of flexibility in their hiring process once they are on board with the idea of neurodiversity.

For instance, given someone a quiet space to work could make all the difference to hope they cope and perform. This will make it a win-win scenario for the employer. The employer will get the best of that person, and the employee will be able able to thrive in an environment they are comfortable in.

It makes perfect sense for more companies to embrace the concept of neurodiversity. Then they will be able to see where it takes them in finding employees who are capable of making a positive contribution, given the chance to do so.


How Well Does Your Company Embrace Neurodiversity?
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