5 Clever Ways To Easily Monetize Your Content

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Nowadays, there is more to blogging than just creating awesome content. As a matter of fact, blogging is also about being able to monetize your content.

We all know that becoming an internet creator offers plenty of benefits. Nowadays, you can easily become a successful self-employed blogger or content creator.

Also, you can work from home and make contacts in the entertainment industry. Nowadays, blogging particularly has become a profitable online business today.

However, since this industry is relatively new, it can be tough to figure out how to make money from your work.

So, how do you monetize your content and make money off it? Below are five steps for monetizing your content.

#1]. Sell Merchandise

Do you know that one of the most common ways online content creators generate revenue is by selling merchandise related to their content?

As a blogger or content creator, selling merchandise offers you a good revenue stream and there are great platforms out there to start up.

Youtube, Instagram influencers, and webcomic artists, among many others, will often provide links with their content to their online stores.

It’s fairly common for creators to sell products with their logos or branding printed on them, such as mugs and t-shirts.


Monetize your content

#2]. Provide Premium Content

Creating and providing premium content means that you keep some of your content behind a paywall. This is another great monetizing strategy that content creators can easily explore to make money with their content.

How do you do this? You can choose to keep it behind the paywall permanently or to allow your premium audience early access. This largely depends on factors such as the type of content you create and how often you upload.

For example, video bloggers can upload a more in-depth or longer video behind the paywall permanently because the audience can still access the basic video for free.

On the other hand, if you write webcomics, granting monetary supporters early access to chapters or bonus content might be a better choice. The exclusive content provides a solid reason for viewers to graduate to monetary fans, subscribers, or supporters.

Companies that specialize in supporting user-generated content, such as Jukin Media, can help you figure out the best strategy to create and market premium content for your supporters.

#3]. Set up a Donation or Subscription Option

Setting up an account with a donation service like Patreon is quite common among online content creators. Creators also tend to use these services in tandem with premium content.

You can set up tiers for patrons. If someone pays a certain amount of money, he or she will get some kind of exclusive access in exchange. Subscriptions can work similarly. Some platforms offer ad-free access to paid subscribers, for example.

#4]. Take Sponsorship Offers

This option may not be suitable until you’ve begun to amass a following or presence in your niche. Once you do, however, you may be contacted by certain companies interested in working with you in the form of sponsorships.

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One way a sponsorship can pay off is by giving you a percentage of the profit a company makes from people who clicked on your link. Another, more flexible option is to talk about the product in your content or feature the company’s content on your website or channel for a flat fee.

#5]. Utilize Advertisements

Ads still have a place in online content. On the surface, direct ads seem simple. You just need to make sure ads can appear on your videos or site.

However, take care to coordinate the ad-to-product ratio appropriately so viewers aren’t seeing more ads than products. Additionally, vet ads before agreeing to let them appear with your content.


Make sure they’re legitimate and match your brand. Most content creators will leverage several different monetization strategies. The best combination depends on your goals, needs, and the type of content you create.

Clever Ways To Easily Monetize Your Content
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