No doubt about it, Nigeria is a major player when we talk about African Fintech startups.

From Flutterwave to Paga, Nigeria is a home to some of the best Fintech startups on the continent of Africa.

Fintech startups in Nigeria are helping to simplify how people move money. It’s now easy for people to send and receive money almost instantly.

Also, consumers can now easily pay for products and services via these awesome startups.

There is a new fintech startup in Nigeria that lets you seamlessly makes payments through messaging. KUDI is an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that lets you make payments and carry out transactions via messaging.

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What is KUDI and how does it work?

The word KUDI means “money” in Hausa language, and the startup KUDI, is out to change the ways people pay their bill and transfer money. KUDI can help you do stuff like funds transfer, airtime and data bundle purchase through chat.

Meet KUDI: A Nigerian Fintech Startup That Lets You Make Payments Via Text Messages

How does KUDI work?

So how does it work? KUDI works exactly like a normal messaging app such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Skype and Whatsapp. It easily helps Nigerians make and receive payments through messaging apps they are already comfortably familiar with.

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It’s so simple and easy-to-use; just chat with KUDI and she’ll help you out as fast as possible. This means that users can now send money or airtime to their loved ones without having to go to a physical bank branch or try to figure out how a banking app works.

KUDI is arguably the easiest and safest ways for Nigerians to make and receive payments.

It’s arguably the easiest and safest ways for Nigerians to make and receive payments. The coolest thing about KUDI is that it understands British English and the local Nigerian pidgin.

KUDI has been receiving positive reviews across the internet. Also, the startup was recently selected for the Winter 2017 batch of the Y Combinator accelerator programme in Mountain View, California.

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