Marketing has been an important aspect of the business from the time immemorial and it has been evolving from time to time.

What’s in vogue in the previous years are no longer trending today. Similarly, what is trending today will be obsolete in the years to come.

The fact is that technology has been influencing marketing right from the beginning. As technology advances, new tactics, platforms and strategic approaches will be introduced.

New technologies such as Augmented Reality [AR] and Artificial Intelligence [AI] have been projected to play a major role in future.

But how such technologies will impact marketing is still not yet known. However, the future is full of surprises for everyone including businesses and marketers.

So, what are we going to look out for in the world of business marketing as we enter the new year? Which trends should marketers be thinking about as they prepare for the year ahead?

Marketing trends to watch in 2018

Now everyone is thinking about what’s coming next for digital marketing and social media in 2018. But how are you going to figure out what to focus on in the new year?

Our friends at MDG Advertising have put together this awesome infographic and report to offer some additional perspective. The infographic offers some insights into what to look for in 2018. It looks at five big marketing trends which are set to take over in 2018.

marketing trends to watch in 2018

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