Cleaning Up Your Marketing: The Top Marketing Tips for Cleaning Businesses

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Cleaning Up Your Marketing... The Top Marketing Tips for Cleaning Businesses
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Power your website with SEMrush

Did your cleaning business stop getting more clients? Are you looking for a way to better market your cleaning business online? 

You will need to expand your marketing strategy. Fortunately, you’ve come to the right place if you need great marketing tips.

For many people, finding the right cleaning company is a journey, and when they did find one, they usually stick to them.

If you want them to find your business quicker and help shorten that journey, you need to market your services more. Keep reading below for our top marketing tips for cleaning businesses.

#1]. Search Marketing is Key

Let’s say you’re looking for quality house repair businesses because you don’t know of any in the area.

Where would you go? You’d go to the internet to look for good carpenters, wouldn’t you? The same goes for people who are looking for a good cleaning company.

This is why putting your business name on the first page of Google search results is important. In search marketing, you have three options: PPC advertising, Google My Business listing, and organic listing.

Pay-per-click or PPC marketing puts your business at the top of the results page for a fee. The free Google My Business listing, allows people to find you in local searches and Google Maps. For organic rankings, you’ll need great SEO.

#2]. Make use of SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great tool to have for any business with an online presence. SEO helps search engines like Google see you as a reliable cleaning service.


This then puts you at higher rankings on the search engine results pages. In SEO, your goal is to tell search engines all about the house-cleaning services you offer on your webpage.

Another important SEO goal is to give your users the best experience. SEO seems easy but, in reality, you need consistency, diligence, and creativity. 

#3]. Make use of Email Marketing

How many promotional offers and special sales do you get in your email? How many times have you opened the email and clicked through the link to get to the sale? It’s proof that email marketing campaigns are still going strong.

If you want to get the same attention for your cleaning business, use email marketing. You can do this with email subscriptions too. You’re promoting your services while still giving clients informative pieces.

#4]. Offer Incentives for Referrals

What better way to get more clients than to use incentivized referrals? As a cleaning service, you likely already have some loyal clients.

Let these clients know that they can get special offers or services if they can get other people to hire you. The best way to ask for referrals is to first target your ideal clients.

These are clients who are loyal to you or have hired your services for a long time. Next, ask for these referrals at the right time.

The ideal time to ask for referrals is when you see your client is most excited about you. Often, this is after you give great service and they’re very satisfied with it. The last step is to offer incentives: gift cards, discounts, and more.

#5]. Ask for Online Reviews

If you want to get great online reviews, let us share the secret 3-step formula. First, you want to ask for reviews from loyal clients.

Step two is to show your gratitude for their review and to respond to all reviews. The third step is to deal with any negative reviews in the best way you can.

Take the discussion out of the public eye by giving the negative reviewer a call or private message. Offer to fix any problems they have with the service.

#6]. Social Media Is a Useful Tool

If you haven’t got a social media marketing strategy yet, it’s time to get one. In an era of high social engagement, you want to get in on the conversation too.


Use social media sites to communicate your uniqueness from your competitors. Promote your services through your Facebook page.

Use Instagram to share the green cleaning solutions you offer. If you haven’t the time, get at least an account or page on the top social media platform: Facebook.

#7]. Don’t Forget Offline Marketing

While the internet gives you a wider reach, don’t neglect offline marketing. This often uses more traditional marketing strategies. For example, place attention-grabbing decals on your cleaning vans with your contact details.

Or you can put up flyers nearby places where your customers will most likely be. Looking to offer your services to an office building? Posters highlighting your office cleaning services near the building will help a lot.

It’s important to maintain a good offline reputation too. Bring your name to local community events or sponsorship opportunities. Local businesses like offices make great customers too.

#8]. Create Promotional Videos

Videos are one of the top types of shared media today. This is why almost everything from cafes to jewelers has promotional business videos. Your cleaning services need one too so you don’t get left behind.

Create an interesting concept for a one- or two-minute promotional video. Hire a professional videographer or shoot it yourself with a quality smartphone. Edit it to perfection before you post it on your website or share it on social media.

Make sure you communicate your value to the viewers. You can also create a series of videos that tell a story while still promoting your company. Comedy is the best way to connect with the general audience as well as your target audience.

#9]. Be the Ideal Cleaning Business for Local Clients

Sometimes, it’s great to take a step back and look at your initial plans and inspirations. Take a trip down memory lane and look at your dream business.

Look at how far your business has gone and how close it is to your ideal cleaning business. Now, ask your clients about your business.

How far or near is it to becoming the ideal cleaning company? What changes could you make to make it the perfect one? Start with local clients and give them short survey forms to fill up.

People in the locale are the best and most immediate startup customers. Remember, 72% of consumers who ran a quick local search ended up visiting a store nearby, within a five-mile radius.


Clean up with Marketing Strategy

That’s it for our quick guide on the top marketing tips for cleaning businesses. Remember that your priority as a business owner is to reach your customers.

Show them your value in the first few seconds of seeing your ads and promotional material. When they bite down on your marketing output, prove your value to them.

We hope you enjoyed this guide on marketing tips for a cleaning service. If you want to see other content like this, check out our other guides.

Top Marketing Tips for Cleaning Businesses
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