Marketing personalisation has become an essential marketing strategy in today’s highly competitive market.

We all know the importance of user engagements to brands and marketers in today’s competitive market. But how well is your business using personalised marketing to improve user engagements?

As a matter of fact, top brands are more interested in engaging their consumers; and marketing personalisation is arguably the best way to do that.

Business marketing has evolved over the years and it’s now more about engagement. The fact is that your brands stand a better chance to engage consumers more effectively by personalising offerings and messaging.

Marketing personalisation and generic marketing

So, what is marketing personalisation and how does it work? Personalised marketing is sometimes referred to as one-to-one marketing. It is a marketing strategy that helps companies to use data analysis to easily deliver individual messages, promotions and product offerings to existing or prospective customers.

Unlocking The Real Power Of Marketing Personalisation
Unlocking The Real Power Of Marketing Personalisation

Has the era of generic marketing gone for good? Studies have shown that 72% of consumers say they don’t like generic marketing.

Nearly three-quarters (74%) of web users say they’re frustrated with sites that aren’t tailored to their needs. Also, 58% of shoppers say they’d like companies to better focus their discount offers.

But is your company delivering the personalised experiences that people truly want?

Our friends at MDG Advertising have come up with a new resourceful infographic titled 4 Steps to Unlocking the Real Power of Marketing Personalization, which we think you will find really helpful.

The infographic highlights approaches that have helped their clients significantly improve their targeting strategies.

4 steps to unlocking the real power of marketing personalisation infographic

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