10 Marketing and Social Media Blogs To Read

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No doubt about it, businesses are operating in a highly competitive environment. It requires every small business owner to do more in order to keep up with the pace.

The fact is that some top brands and businesses out there are all putting in efforts to attract more potential customers and make more sales.

This means they are spending more on marketing because of the competitive nature of the market. So what are you doing to attract new customers to your business?

Yes, I know as a small business owner, you don’t the resources of top brands and businesses but that’s not an acceptable excuse.

Marketing blogs you should read

Even with a little budget, small business owners can still get better results from their marketing efforts if their resources are properly channelled and utilized.

All you need is inspiration and tons of small businesses are already taking inspiration from industry innovators and going big all on their own. You too can be able to do more all within budgetary constraints. But how will small business owners get inspiration? Though, to be inspired, you must first find that inspiration.

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Below is a list of some really useful marketing blogs small business owners should read for inspiration and tips on how to get going in their marketing efforts. These online resources will surely help keep your finger on the pulse of the marketing industry.

#1]. Marketing Land

Marketing Land is a top digital marketing site.
Get latest digital marketing news on Marketing Land

Marketing Land is one of the top marketing blogs that offers actionable tips and ideas. It’s surely a place to be if you really want to know what’s happening in the industry.

This site is full of quick reads, guides, news, tips, and tricks are written specifically to a small business and mid-market audience. It’s a top digital marketing site!

#2]. Moz Blog

Moz Blog is a marketing blog you can count on!
Moz Blog is a trusted marketing blog!

The Moz Blog is one of the most popular marketing blogs out there. It focuses on SEO and inbound marketing as well as digital media buying, lead generation, branding, social media and others.

Moz features just plain smart content that is well-researched and highly engaging that will get you up-to-speed and make your marketing efforts successful.

#3]. Adweek

Got some upcoming brainstorms? Visit Adweek for inspiration.
Adweek is good for brainstorming

One of the best online advertising and marketing publications, Adweek highlights the amazing work of notorious agencies and bigger brands. It also offers webinars and covers trending and viral campaigns.

Surely, this is a place to go if you are looking for inspiration for your next business marketing campaign. Got some upcoming brainstorms? Visit Adweek for inspiration!

#4]. Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner offers great contents
Social Media Examiner offers great contents!

One of the world’s largest social media marketing blogs, Social Media Examiner is a place to be for timely social media marketing tips you can apply in your marketing efforts.

The site helps businesses discover how to best use social media to connect with customers, drive traffic, generate awareness and increase sales.

#5]. HubSpot Marketing Blog

HubSpot Marketing Blog is where marketers go to grow
HubSpot is where marketers go to grow!

Looking for a library of marketing and social media content, HubSpot Marketing Blog also offers trusted facts and figures. This is the number one place on the internet where marketers go to grow.

From industry-leading thoughts to helpful how-tos on design, social media, and even social selling, you are at the right place for much-needed inspiration to get you going.

#6]. Contently

Contently helps brands create great content at scale
Contently helps brands create great content

Another great platform for marketing, Contently is especially good for the content marketers at any growing brand. Their blog contents cover all areas of content and social media marketing as well as branding and industry news.

They provide real examples of the strategy behind some of the best-known content marketing campaigns out there.

#7]. Advertising Age [Ad Age]

Ad Age covers most interesting advertising and marketing campaigns
Get interesting ads campaigns from Ad Age

Ad Age‘s “Professional Resources” is a library of resources provided to inform marketing, advertising, and media executives with the most current and accurate information on industry-leading topics.

This is one of the best publications that keep you on the edge of the seat in regards to what bigger brands are doing. This is where to go if you want some advertising inspiration.

#8]. Litmus Blog

Litmus Blog features useful resources on marketing
Litmus Blog features useful resources

This is another great platform for marketing that offers a ton of great metrics, cutting-edge technology, and best practices you may be interested in.

Litmus Blog offers some of the best tips and tricks that can make your business email marketing efforts successful. Available useful resources on the website include infographics, webinars, ebooks and others.

#9]. Sales Hacker

Sales Hacker offers tips and best practices!
Sales Hacker offers tips and best practices!

Try Sales Hacker if you are looking for top of the funnel tactics, hacks, and sales strategies. It is a top destination on the web for this subject matter.

It focuses on building and shaping the future of sales through educational, actionable, unbiased content and events. You’ll surely find some interesting content here if you are looking for inspiration.

#10]. Buffer Blog

Buffer Blog offers highly-engaging contents
Buffer Blog offers highly-engaging contents

A powerful social media scheduling tool, Buffer lets you post to Twitter, Facebook, and other networks at scheduled times throughout the day.

Also, Buffer Blog offers a wealth of information not just on marketing, but also on productivity and building a successful business. Their posts are well-researched and highly-engaging.




10 Outstanding Marketing And Social Media Blogs Small Business Owners Should Read For Inspiration
PIN IT: 10 Outstanding Marketing And Social Media Blogs Small Business Owners Should Read For Inspiration
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