As you probably know, marketing is the lifeblood of any business. Today, the function has become a cut-throat competition where marketing specialists are trying their best to stay ahead of their rivals.

More businesses are thus diving into marketing automation software. It helps businesses streamline and automate sales and marketing processes in key areas like email marketing.

It is no wonder the industry is creating huge waves in the markets. Without marketing automation software, small businesses will constantly struggle to survive in a customer-focused environment.

The is because the key factor that leads to business growth is not just the best products or services. The fact is that customer experience also plays a major role in new customer acquisition and business growth.

Market automation benefits for small businesses

Four out of every five users who use marketing automation say their leads increase. Also, more than 70 per cent are able to significantly increase conversions.

marketing automation
Marketing automation tools can help your business reach more audience

This means that businesses can reap significant benefits from marketing automation. Below are the great benefits of marketing automation your small businesses can gain by using the right tools.

#1]. Less repetitive tasks open up time for new ideas

One of the most important benefits of marketing automation is that it simplifies routine marketing procedures. No more manual work with the right automation tools. Small businesses can thus bid human errors, mundane and repetitive tasks goodbye.

You can easily help your marketing team to be more efficient and effective. Implementing marketing automation software such as infusionsoft or clickfunnels can help take your business to the next level. Automation tools can effectively eliminate repetitive manual processes, activities and documentation by replacing them with smooth automated workflows.

Automating administrative tasks leaves marketing staff with more time and energy to creatively think about the fundamentals of the business.

Left with more time in their hands, marketers can effectively focus on new ideas, strategy and customer engagement for more productivity.

Businesses are therefore able to put increased focus on tasks that require more rigorous manual monitoring thereby increasing its productivity and eventually profits.

#2]. Old content can be put in front of new audience

Another benefit of marketing automation is that it helps a business to effectively nurture both new and old leads with automated workflows.

You can set up rules in marketing automation instead of your content disappearing into your content library. Such rules can help direct your leads with relevant content based on interest and actions.

Imagine landing on a website and getting link directions based solely on your interests and actions as you take a stroll. No irrelevant links. Just suggestions on what you may be trying to look for!

If it’s your first time visiting the site, you get suggestions from the start point. Moving on, suggestions come based on what you are searching for and doing on the site.

Well, that is what marketing automation can do for your site visitors which can eventually help maintain both your existing and prospective clients and increase future sales.

#3]. Automatically contacts your leads

There is a very short space where a lead is in the right position to buy your product. Manually following up with your lead can be inefficient and you will often miss them in the crucial buying timeframe.

Automation can ensure all these hot leads are followed up in the right timeframe by helping your business reduce lead response time. Additionally, marketing automation software can also help re-engage older leads.

Activities generated by your automation tools such as campaigns can spark renewed interests in your product or services from a lead. Salesforce is a recent marketing automation success story.

To increase visibility and get more leads, the company’s marketing team formed several user profiles and allotted them a respective purchase cycle to boost their content strategy. The results – their traffic increased by 80 per cent, social platforms traffic increased by 2500 per cent and the company’s eBooks were downloaded
over 10000 times.

#4]. Can create hyper-targeted email campaigns

No matter your target audience, email remains a great way to reach your audience. Many people read and send emails every day which makes it ideal for professional business communication.

Without relying on marketing automation, sending targeted emails campaigns manually is nearly impossible. For instance, say you want to target female yoga instructors living in Manhattan.

I mean, this is obviously a far too time-consuming task to do on your own. But, marketing automation software can allow you to filter and send content to such a specific audience.

Marketing automation tools will provide your business with the ability to really niche down your target audience for an email campaign.

#5]. A/B testing

What if you can know for sure which sale strategy can work for your business? Marketing automation will allow your business to test multiple landing pages, user-interface designs or emails at once and track the most effective one.

As such, your business will know for sure which method (A or B) can work for a given business scenario. Let’s explore this further. Assume a business with 1000 customers in their database wants to create an email campaign with a promotional code to generate more sales.

Marketing automation can facilitate such a business with the creation of two versions of the email; A and B that with a different call to actions. The part A of email copy can encourage customers to make a purchase and part B could ask them to identify a promotional code. To 500 customers, the business can send email copy A, and send email copy B to the rest (500) of them.

Email Copy A can state an offer in the business that should end after 2 days and should be purchased for less with code A. On the other hand, email copy B could state that the offer will end soon and that customers should use promotional code B to make a purchase.

What marketing automation does for such a business is that it will assess and monitor the two scenarios, and then see which one is more likely to generate more sales. And truth be told, you can’t really achieve A/B testing manually.

Final Thought

Digital transformation is revolutionising modern businesses large and small. By enabling marketing automation, organisations are provided with essential tools to take their business to the next level. These tools help businesses create campaigns and develop stronger customer relationships for more efficient operations. That said, companies that embrace market automation will no doubt lead those that do not.

This article was posted by Al Rose, an Irish internet marketer and Amazon FBA business owner. He is the Marketing Director at


5 Great Benefits of Marketing Automation For Small Businesses You Probably Don't Know
PIN IT: 5 Great Benefits of Marketing Automation For Small Businesses You Probably Don’t Know
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