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ValuedVoice Helps Bloggers Make Money with Sponsored Content

Adeyemi Adisa By Adeyemi Adisa 3 Min Read

There are several ways for bloggers to make money online. But do you know that ValuedVoice offers one of the best ways to monetize your blog via sponsored content?

Nowadays, blogging has become a business and not just a hobby. In fact, if you are new to blogging, you too can easily start a profitable blogging business and make money online.

That every blogger wants to legally make money online is an obvious fact. However, it’s sometimes difficult to make money especially if you are new to blogging.

This is because there is more to blogging than just posting new content. Please don’t get me wrong, you still have to be updating your blog with new content.

Did you know? That ValuedVoice is the go-to Platform for bloggers and influencers who want to receive paid opportunities? Are you a blogger looking for sponsored posts?  [(Try ValuedVoice here!)] 

However, blogging is not just only about posting content but also about marketing and networking because that is the only way to get people to see your content.

When you post new content, it’s your responsibility to get people to see your content. This is probably the tricky part of blogging and this is where marketing and networking come to play an important role.

Make money with ValuedVoice sponsored content

What’s ValuedVoice and how does it work? Previously known as LinkVehicle, ValuedVoice is an influencer marketing platform for brands to get their message out.

ValuedVoice helps bloggers make money online
Make money online with ValuedVoice

It helps bloggers and social media influencers to make money through sponsored content. When it comes to monetizing a blog, every blogger knows that Adsense offers the best means to make money online.


However, if you are looking for sponsored content, ValuedVoice is arguably the best platform for bloggers to make money.

What makes ValuedVoice a better alternative for bloggers to make money? If you have a blog with considerably good traffic and possibly good Google PageRank, then ValuedVoice is a really good option you should be using to monetize your blog.

Signing up for ValuedVoice

Signing up for ValuedVoice is as simple as ABC. just click on this link here to go on their website’s sign up page. After signing up, you will be taken to the dashboard where you can add your site URL.

Also, you can add your site’s title, description, and rates for text link ads. You can also do reviews, which are usually like paid reviews or sponsored posts. Another option is called top links ads where you write the review and the advertiser will pay monthly for the inline links in the post.

Why you should sign up for ValuedVoice?

I have been an active user of ValudeVoice since I joined the platform and my experience has been great. If you want this platform to work for you, my advice is to grow your blog.

I understand every blogger wants to make money from their blogs. However, don’t let money be your first and main goal. Build your brand first because established bloggers have better chances of getting sponsored content than newly launched blogs.

ValuedVoice offers a very simple process for bloggers to register on the platform. All you need to have is at least a PR1 blog. After registration, they will manually review your website which may take 2-3 days.

ValuedVoice helps bloggers make money online
Make money online with ValuedVoice

After the review, your website will be approved and open for accepting sponsored posts and paid links. Also, you can monetize your social media accounts if you have a good number of followers. Below are some of the reasons why you should  sign up for ValuedVoice .

  • Free Account (no joining fees, no costs to get started)
  • Price Control (set the price you need)
  • Over 20 Opportunity Types (pick the opportunities you want to see)
  • Executive Decision (accept only the opportunities that resonate with you)
  • Full Editorial Control (create great content or use the content provided)
  • Fast Payouts (options to get paid 72 hours after completing a task)

Getting paid

ValuedVoice’s payment terms and conditions are straightforward and easy to understand. Once your payment gateway (usually Paypal) has been set up, you’ll be able to automatically receive your payments at the start of the new month.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out this blogger and influencer marketing platform and start earning money from your blog. Want to join? You can easily sign up here now.



ValuedVoice Helps Bloggers Make Money with Sponsored Content
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