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Have you been wondering what the newly introduced LinkedIn Showcase Pages can do for your business?

It’s an undeniable fact that LinkedIn as a social media platform, has a range of marketing solutions to target traditionally hard-to-reach business audience.

The social media platform which is especially popular amongst business people or entrepreneurs, is one of the top platforms when it comes to business marketing.

LinkedIn as a social network

LinkedInLinkedIn is an intuitive place to network, and to explore other users’ networks. If you’re targeting a specific industry or company you can, for example, see how many ‘connections’ you are away from them, enabling you to find and approach targets more effectively.

And, as with Facebook and Twitter, other users can follow your news – and this is where you can start elevating your products or services more actively via a properly tracked program of follower and connection building; participation in (and sparking of) discussions; and answering of questions.

LinkedIn advertising and marketing tools

LinkedIn advertising offers really awesome marketing tools that can help your business and improve its online reaches. This social media platform has grown exponentially in term of popularity amongst business people.

Bellow are some really useful LinkedIn marketing tools you can use to promote your business:

#1). LinkedIn Company Page

The company page is particularly good for establishing a brand presence on LinkedIn especially for business promotion.

#2). LinkedIn Groups

The group is really useful to interact with communities where like-minded individuals gather to collaborate, share, and connect, and display ads allowing you to drive engagement through socially relevant messaging, dynamic content and an uncluttered environment.

LinkedIn showcase pages

LinkedIn Showcase Pages For Business

You probably already have a LinkedIn business page. The problem is when you have more than one product, service or brand to highlight.

LinkedIn Showcase Pages is specifically designed for businesses interested in breaking out those all important brands, products and services that deserve to stand alone. With the newly launched LinkedIn Showcase Pages, you are sure of more opportunities for your business to reach more people.

According to Aviad Pinkovezky, monetisation product manager at LinkedIn, on the official LinkedIn Blog:

“Millions of companies use their LinkedIn Company Pages to share content and opportunities. For our members, the best way to stay up to date with those updates is to follow the companies they’re interested in. However, some companies have a variety of brands and products. How can you tell Cisco you are particularly interested in their Enterprise Network Solutions, Security Products, or in their Internet of Things initiative? Company page administrators can now create one by clicking on the “edit” button in their manage window and selecting “Create a Showcase Page.”

If you want to make LinkedIn Showcase Page for your business, products and brands, you can get inspiration from samples such as HP Converged Infrastructure, Microsoft Office and Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Benefits Of LinkedIn Showcase Pages For Business

  • Give customers of a specific product or service a place to go for the latest updates and information.
  • Give your company an opportunity to interact with a much more specific subgroup of your customer base who may be less interested in your other products or services.
  • Allow you to create a better defined niche for a specific product or service separate from the rest of your company or its brand.
  • Provide a better way to curate content appropriate for a very specific portion of your audience or customer base.

So just like Aviad Pinkovezky mentioned above, if you have one or more products, services or brands that need to be marketed and presented separate from your overall company, LinkedIn showcase pages can be an important part of that strategy.


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