LinkedIn has announced the launching of a new iPhone app called Connected, which is replacing its Contacts app.

The new Connected app lets you know when people in your network change jobs, are mentioned in the news, have work anniversaries or birthdays, and reminds you to connect with people you recently had meetings with.

It has a card-based experience, which is different for LinkedIn.

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When you sync your contacts and calendars with Connected, you can turn on push notifications, which LinkedIn says are highly relevant, including reminders before meetings and “pre-meeting intelligence”.

Here’s how LinkedIn’s David Brubacher describes Connected:

Connected is all about providing genuine opportunities for you to strengthen your relationships. It helps you reach out to people in your network when it matters most, so you can keep your network active and warm.

We know you’d love to reach out and catch up with everyone in your network over coffee, but that isn’t always possible. Connected gives you relevant, and timely, reasons to reach out and keep in touch with the people in your network.

This app helps you invest in your relationships today, so opportunities blossom for you tomorrow.

The app is available in the App Store. We’ll see if users really like it better than the Contacts app.


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