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The Ultimate LinkedIn Profile Cheat Sheet You Will Ever Need [Infographic]

Adeyemi Adisa By Adeyemi Adisa 3 Min Read

LinkedIn is regarded as the number one social networking site for job recruiting and job hunting. But do you know how to set up a perfect LinkedIn profile that will make you stand out?

With over 97 million monthly active users worldwide, LinkedIn is a great choice for many businesses when recruiting new staff.

Also, for young people who are seriously looking for job opportunities, LinkedIn is the perfect platform to socialize, network, and to hunt for jobs.

And if you can come up with a good LinkedIn profile, you stand a better chance on the platform. So are you ready to spice up your profile?

LinkedIn is not only for job recruiting and job hunting

However, LinkedIn is not only for job recruiting and job hunting. In fact, more and more small businesses and top brands are now using social media platform for business marketing.

For businesses on the platform, there is more to LinkedIn than job recruiting. It has become a highly-targeted communications channel that offers great marketing and advertising opportunity.

But can LinkedIn work for your small business? Yes, it can surely work for any business no matter the size. Just make sure that you know what you are doing and ensure you set a target goal.

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The fact that LinkedIn offers great targeting options for brand marketing makes the social media platform one of the must-use tools for your business marketing.


LinkedIn profile cheat sheet you will ever need

As mentioned earlier, the primary goal of LinkedIn is to serve as a social networking site for professionals. So, to this effect, it serves as a great spot for job recruiting and job hunting.

But do you know the secret behind getting job opportunities, maximum online visibility, and revenue through this social networking site?

The infographic below courtesy of Leisurejobs details a LinkedIn cheat sheet that covers basic and advanced techniques to make your profile as visible as possible.

LinkedIn profile cheat sheet
LinkedIn profile cheat sheet


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