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Leadfeeder Helps Businesses Generate More Leads From Website Visitors

Adeyemi Adisa By Adeyemi Adisa 4 Min Read
Leadfeeder helps businesses generate more leads

That every business owner wants to make sales is not an overstatement. However, with a great tool like Leadfeeder, you can easily generate more sales from your website visitors.

Having a business website is good for the business to reach a wide audience and acquire more customers.

But it’s not just about having a business website, it’s also about driving web traffic to the site. Also, getting people to visit your website is good but do you have the right tools to convert visitors?

How well are you converting your website visitors to customers? In essence, how often do you turn your website visitors into customers? Are you using the right tools to attract and acquire new customers?

Grow your sales with Leadfeeder

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Generate more leads for your business by tracking the companies that visit your site.  

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  • Contact decision-makers
  • Send leads to your team
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Generate more leads with Leadfeeder

What are the potentials of great tools like Leadfeeder? It’s a powerful and one of the best sales and marketing tools designed for salespeople, marketers, and agencies to get better results.

The tool helps businesses identify and uncover hidden leads as well as new business opportunities with ease. As a matter of fact, this lead generation tool is designed for performance-driven teams.

Leadfeeder knows the companies visiting your website. Do you want to know them too? [(Try Leedfeeder for free here!)] 

You can use Leadfeeder to discover new prospects and monitor existing customers. This web app helps increase your sales intelligence by integrating your sales and marketing data. It’s packed with many useful features and tools to make lead generation as simple as possible.

How Leadfeeder can help…

Lead generation is important for every business’s survival. In fact, it’s an essential driver of growth for B2B businesses.

As a matter of fact, lead generation is your key to cutting through the noise, building a relationship with your customer, and influencing the buying process.


Unfortunately, getting it right is arguably the biggest challenge for every marketer. So, how does a great tool like Leadfeeder help businesses generate more leads from website visitors?

#1]. Easily identify visitors

People visit your website from across the globe but you need a tool like Leadfeeder to identify potential customers. The tool lets you see which companies are visiting your website.

#2]. See what your visitors are looking at

With Leadfeeder, it’s not just about who is visiting your website but also about what they are looking at. You can use the tool to easily understand your visitors’ journey.

Leadfeeder automatically places your hottest leads at the top of your lead list so you know where to focus your attention next. [(Try Leedfeeder for free here!)] 

Also, you will be able to know what exactly interests your visitors. This means you will be able to know what pages they’re visiting which will enable you to follow up effectively.

#3]. Get email alerts

A lot of people and companies will visit your website for one thing or the others. However, Leadfeeder will notify you by email when your target company visits your website. With this email alert, you’ll be able to get instant notifications so that you can quickly act on your leads.

#4]. Send leads to your CRM

Most businesses nowadays rely on sales CRM tools to manage their leads. Leadfeeder works seamlessly with CRM tools and it will automatically update your CRM when a lead revisits.



How Leadfeeder Helps Businesses Generate More Leads From Website Visitors
PIN IT: Leadfeeder Helps Businesses Generate More Leads From Website Visitors
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