Lead Generation Strategies That Actually Work

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Lead generation strategies
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For sales and marketing people, lead generation strategies offer an opportunity to make more sales. Making more sales simply means generating more revenue for your business.

With inbound marketing strategies, businesses stand a better chance to achieve their sales goals and generate more revenue to keep the business afloat.

The internet is where people are and where brands can boost their sales, especially through social media. But how well are businesses using social media for marketing?

The fact is that there is more to capturing sales leads nowadays. It’s more than just spending a lot on banner ads and other forms of online advertising and marketing campaigns.

As a matter of fact, lead generation nowadays is more about knowing what the audience wants to see. Also, it’s about creating highly targeted and valuable content people are likely going to share.

Lead generation strategies and ideas

The fact that every business owner wants to generate more leads is not an overstatement. In fact, the main target of every business is to make sales and generate revenue.

Can a business survive without making sales? This is why capturing sales leads is important for businesses to survive and grow.

Lead generation strategies and ideas to drive traffic

We are in an era of mobile-friendly websites and content-based marketing, and this is why inbound marketing strategies are proving to be more effective nowadays. Below are some of the best ways for businesses to generate leads and maximize conversions.

#1]]. Quality content

They say content is the king and yes, they are right. However, your content has to be of great value if you really want to generate sales leads. No doubt about it, the Internet is where people go to search for information and products.

But if you want to generate any type of lead online, you will need to create highly valuable, relevant, and focused content. Also, your content will have to be optimized for search engines to ensure a steady stream of valuable organic search traffic. This is arguably the most effective way to boost your web traffic in improve sales.

However, you will have to be careful about how you go about your content strategy. Your content strategy shouldn’t just be about creating promotional, sales, and marketing content. As a matter of fact, you have to create content that engages and offers great value to your potential customers.

Becoming a brand publisher is not easy though. Applying great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to your published content will also ensure a steady stream of valuable organic search traffic (which represents the largest share of the online revenue pie).

#2]]. Social media marketing offers a lot

Social media marketing is probably the most effective way to get your business in front of the target audience. However, social medial marketing relies heavily on quality content.

As a matter of fact, your social media marketing campaigns will not be effective without offering something of value to potential customers. As a business owner, social media offers you great opportunities to achieve your sales goals.

With great social media tools like Iconosquare, you will be able to monitor and manage your social media activities. Also, you can use Crowdfire to improve your social media presence, especially on Instagram and Facebook.

#3]]. Email marketing is still thriving

Email marketing still relevant and stylishly thriving today. For over a decade, it has been one of the most effective ways to drive web traffic. Email marketing is one of the most tried marketing strategies when it comes to generating leads, sales, and conversions.

The idea of email marketing is to serve as a subtle way to promote your products without necessarily asking people to buy. The essence of creating awesome content is to get people to see it. However, some people believe that it’s much easier to create great content than getting people to consume the content.

This is where email marketing can really help and thankfully, it wouldn’t cost you much. You can offer RSS feeds and an opt-in newsletter, it’s a perfect way to keep people within reach of your content. Don’t leave your content wasted and unconsumed, use opt-in email marketing to easily get people to consume your content.

#4]]. Guest blogging still rocks

Guest blogging is another great way to generate leads and improve your sales. It’s arguably one of the best ways to build authority in your industry. Many brands have benefited from guest blogging and you too can leverage this marketing strategy.

Guest blogging benefits for marketing

Today’s internet users now filter traditional online ads with tools like adblockers. But with guest blogging, you have a higher chance of driving traffic to your website. Just look for guest blogging opportunities within your industry and make the most out of them.

The best way to drive traffic from guest blogging is to create a high-quality article that offers value to the readers. In essence, guest blogging is all about creating valuable content that people are likely going to share.

Guest posting gives you the opportunity to link back to your own website. If done responsibly, it’s much less intrusive and far more effective. Also, guest blogging on high-quality and authority blogs is good for your website SEO. People have been using this strategy to get their content to the top of search results.

#5]]. Word-of-mouth marketing

To say that businesses now operate in a competitive market environment is not an overstatement. Nowadays, it’s getting tougher for businesses to find new ways to generate sales. However, word-of-mouth marketing offers you an opportunity to reach new audience and acquire new customers.

The fact that consumers trust their friends means word-of-mouth marketing is important nowadays. It is arguably the most valuable source of marketing and lead generation for any business. The great thing about it is that it often doesn’t cost much than rewards and incentives in most cases.

With word-of-mouth marketing, your existing clients and customers are your “marketers”. All you need is to convince them to talk about your business. In some cases, your customer experience is the determinant factor when it comes to word-of-mouth marketing.

Make sure you integrate social sharing and encourage online community involvement. This is one of the best ways to convert your clients into a great marketing and advertising resource, and it does work if you know how to leverage it.

You’ll get high rates of conversions if customers recommend your business to friends, family, and colleagues. This is because there is already a high level of trust associated with word-of-mouth recommendations.



Lead Generation Strategies That Actually Work
PIN IT: 5 Effective Lead Generation Strategies That Actually Work
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  • Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting strangers and prospects into someone who has indicated an interest in your company’s product or service. Some examples of lead generators are job applications, blog posts, coupons, live events, and online content…

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