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How To Effectively Use Landing Pages For Business Marketing

Elechi Emekobum By Elechi Emekobum 7 Min Read
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Power your website with SEMrush

Nowadays, landing pages have become an important element of digital marketing. So, to say that people now use landing pages to market their online business like never before is not an overstatement.

In fact, landing pages have brought a new dimension to online marketing. You can use landing pages to capture leads that can be nurtured and turned into potential customers.

Probably all the internet marketers and brands like landing pages. But do you really know why landing pages are a must in today’s world of business marketing?

The goal of every business is to capture leads and generate more sales, and landing pages can achieve this goal. You can embed lead capture forms on a landing page to attract potential customers and generate leads.

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Building highly converting landing pages

It’s not rocket science, you need to have great tools like Instapage and Landingi, or even Unbounce to build a converting landing page. These are arguably the best landing page builders that actually offer better results.

Check out our article on the benefits of Unbounce Landing Page builder to see how great the tool is when it comes to building high-converting landing pages. Similarly, you can check out our piece on how to build great landing pages with Instapage landing page builder.

However, your landing page will be totally useless without incorporating a lead capture form into it. This is the best way to generate quality leads at scale by converting your website visitors into potential leads.

Using landing pages for business marketing

Nowadays, using landing pages for online and offline marketing has become a foundational element for serious brands and marketers. It’s arguably one of the best ways to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing.

As a matter of fact, landing pages should be deployed by every online business regardless of industry or engagement type. The great thing about landing pages is that they can be used by any business for whatever goals you want to achieve.


Using landing pages for business marketing

Whether you sell products from your website or want people to make an appointment to meet, landing pages is for you. You can even use it to promote your holiday sales and drive people into your online store. Below are some of the best ways to use landing pages:

#1]. Promote new product launch

Are you launching a new product and looking for ways to promote it? Landing pages offer a great opportunity for you to gather interesting momentum for your new product.

You will all agree with me that generating a buzz around your new product is one important thing to be done before launching it. And luckily, you can easily achieve this goal through a product launch landing page.
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Design your product launch landing page with a great tool like Landingi. Then share the link to your landing page on social media to create buzz and build excitement among your customers and influencers.

This is arguably the most cost-effective way to make your product’s prelaunch efforts successful. Promote your product launch and get people to talk about the product even before it’s available for sales.

#2]. Validate new product ideas

Nowadays, brands are using landing pages to gather interest and opinions about products in the pipeline. The obvious fact is that nobody will want to waste their precious time building a product that won’t sell.

For this reason, a landing page is a great tool for businesses to use to validate new product ideas. This is essential in order to have an idea of what people think before investing time and resources in creating the product.

You can use landing pages to sell events tickets

Your business too can benefit by using landing pages this way. If you have a product idea or new features you want to add to your product, you can test the water with a landing page.

#3]. Promote downloadable ebooks

It’s not just about having a catchy eBook title, it’s also about having a high-converting landing page. In short, a landing page is a great tool that can help you understand how people are downloading your content.
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So, if you are a blogger or marketing agency, you can use landing pages to promote your downloadable ebooks. Don’t render your promotional efforts useless, link the landing page to a payment gateway if your eBook is a paid one.


Still not sure how to create a high-converting landing page? No worries, use Unbounce to build your landing page even if you have no technical skills.

#4]. Capture more leads

You want to capture more leads and generate more sales? Use a great tool like Instapage to create a killer lead capturing page that converts visitors into potential customers.

The goal of a lead capture page is to exchange a lead magnet (or reward) for your visitor’s contact info. If you get this exchange right, you’ll be able to turn more of your fans and observers into leads and customers.

However, you’ll need to understand how use lead capture forms to gather valuable data and generate more leads.

#5]. Give away contests / sell events tickets

If you have a giveaway contest you are promoting, then you can build a landing page to drive people to your events. In short, you can use a landing page to give away a free printable guest pass to an event in your store.

However, you’ll have to incorporate a lead capture form in your landing page in order to enroll people in your email newsletter in exchange for your giveaway contests.



How To Effectively Use Landing Pages For Business Marketing
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