Boost Your Landing Page Conversions With Interactive Content

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Boost your landing page conversions with interactive content
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Power your website with SEMrush

Nowadays, the importance of interactive content can not be overlooked. It’s helping marketers and businesses to boost their landing page conversions.

As a marketer or small business owner, your goal is not just to drive web traffic but also to convert more sales.

The fact is that interactive content offers you an opportunity not only to differentiate your brand but also to engage your audience.

Getting your visitors engaged means they will spend more time on your website and probably turn into potential customers.

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Another great thing about interactive content is that you can use it to improve your landing page conversions. It’s all about encouraging your website visitors to take action! Learn about the different types and some tools you can use.

What’s interactive content marketing?

In today’s world of marketing, every brand and marketer wants to get ahead of the marketing game. The market is highly competitive and this is why being ahead of the game is the only way to outperform your competitors.

We all know that beating the competition is the number one goal of every marketer and brand. It’s the best way to attract more attention and make more sales, and this is where interactive content can help you.

Interactive content has been around for some time but it’s only recently begun to gain serious traction among marketers. Interactive content marketing will offer you the opportunity to use content to engage your audience based on their participation.

Boost your landing page conversions with interactive content


Types of interactive content

Interactive content is now considered the future of content marketing. But do you know how to use it to boost your sales? Do you know how to boost your Landing Page conversions with interactive content?

First of all, you will need to design a beautiful landing page that converts more using such tools as Unbounce. While websites are great for information and exploration, however, they’re not good at turning traffic into revenue.

Interactive content makes your landing page more appealing to potential clients and generates more leads. Below are some of the types of interactive content you can use to boost your landing page conversions.

#1]]. Interactive Video

The consumption of video content is on the rise, especially on social media. Videos give every marketer and brand more freedom to express their creativity while getting their message across.

You can use interactive videos to promote and boost your landing page conversions. Adding some interactive elements such as hotspots is a smart strategy. These tags can help you show additional [important] information when the viewer clicks on them.

#2]]. Polls and surveys

Polls and surveys are among the oldest forms of interactive content and have been successful across time. They are interactive content that is aimed at helping you to get feedback and find new user data.

The fact is that polls engage users by providing immediate feedback in the form of results. One of the benefits of a Poll is that it is usually quicker to complete because users don’t have to navigate through several steps to get an outcome.

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Polls and surveys are relevant, fun to do, and are certainly shareable. Also, it’s best for quick responses from your target audience, rather than targeted lead generation. You can use this strategy to inform your audience and encourage them to take action.

#3]]. Quizzes and calculators

Quizzes and calculators also have the potential to help you generate leads and sales. Calculators as a form of interactive marketing can help qualify prospects and create relevancy.

It can provide accurate quotes to customers, excite people about the outcomes of using your service. Also, it can entice users by comparing them to others.

Quizzes are arguably one of the most popular content on the web and fortunately, you can use it to supercharge your marketing strategy. Quizzes have an element of excitement and fun. It usually features a set of interesting questions aiming to encourage visitors to take action.

This form of interactive content consists of taking the users’ input and, based on a formula, creating an answer (usually it’s numerical). Users highly appreciate this tool. The philosophy of it is simple — no fluffy words, just pure data!



Landing pages are playing an important role in marketing nowadays. Either you want to use landing pages to capture data and contact information, they can be easily modified to fit into whatever you want to achieve.

This is why landing pages have become a part and parcel of content marketing. Therefore, incorporating interactive content in your landing pages can potentially help boost your conversion rates.

The fact is that using any of the interactive elements mentioned above in your marketing strategy is a great way to encourage people to take action.



Boost Your Landing Page Conversions With Interactive Content
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