Nowadays, business marketing has moved away from traditional means of marketing which were largely multimedia as well print media advertising.

But those days have gone now. Today, the Internet is having some game-changing effects when it comes to business marketing.

The Internet is huge, vast and with massive opportunities for businesses and top brands to reach a wider audience.

Unlike the traditional means of marketing, the Internet has opened up a window of opportunity for top brands and businesses to reach as many potential customers as possible.

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Modern businesses need the Internet to people whether locally or globally. If your business doesn’t have a good online presence, you are surely miles behind, and you are also giving your competitors a chance to outperform you.

Super effective internet marketing strategies for small business

business marketingSo how do you expand your business’s online presence or improve your business visibility on a small budget?

No, you don’t have to hire a whole new marketing agency. You can easily place a new emphasis on your internet marketing campaign or make one or two changes here and there to get the desired results.

In fact, for your first steps, you would be better served to keep things (relatively) simple, focusing on what have now become the tried-and-true building blocks of successful online marketing.

Below are super effective internet marketing strategies for small business you can use to improve your internet marketing campaign.

#1]. Social media

Obviously, social media has taken over the Internet and it’s one of the hottest topics when it comes to online business marketing. For many, social media is the best source of information, latest news and gossips. It’s also widely used by people to communicate with friends and research companies or products.

The popularity of social media has opened up windows of opportunity for small businesses and top brands not only to market their brands but also to interact with customers.

We all know that marketing gives you a voice in the conversation, and having solid business profiles on the different networks can help you connect with customers and improve your local SEO results.

Depending on your type of business and the available resources, some social networks will be more valuable than others. For instance, LinkedIn can be useful for business-to-business connections.

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However, if you have a creative design business such as fashion business, cakes and baking business, you may find Pinterest and Instagram to be more valuable than other popular social media platforms.

Facebook and Twitter are still the two largest social media platforms, and Google+ is also great for business marketing because of its potential weight in improving business visibility on Google search results.

#2]. Video marketing

Video has been an integral part of business marketing since the early days of television. Today, video continues to play important roles because no medium can easily tell a story more effectively than video.

No doubt about it, internet marketing has witnessed unparalleled levels of improvement as the Internet continues to be an important primary source of information.

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Increasing online visibility remains an important objective for every business, and video marketing is at the forefront as one of the most effective means of getting your message out to millions of people.

With the popularity of video hosting sites like YouTube, getting your message to the right audience is becoming really easy these days. But how do you determine which of the social video platforms will best display your message?

#3]. Blogging

Blogging is another powerful internet marketing strategy that has proven to be really effective. The fact is that having a company blog gives search engines more content to index, providing significant SEO benefits to your business.

Blogging is also good for so many other reasons such as giving you the opportunity to showcase your expertise and educate your customers. If done right, it can also help establish you as an expert in your field, giving you credibility with prospective customers.

#4]. Email marketing

Email marketing is still highly relevant and stylishly thriving. It’s generally referred to as the digital marketing’s workhorse.

Having been around since the 90s, the capability of email marketing can not be overlooked in today’s world of digital marketing. It’s capable of delivering the highest digital marketing-related return on investment or ROI.

Email marketing can get your message out to those who are most interested in seeing it. It can be particularly helpful in marketing to existing customers, providing an inexpensive way to inform them of special offers or new products and increasing the lifetime value of each customer.

#5]. Mobile marketing

Nowadays, mobile marketing is one of the hottest topics when it comes to internet marketing, and its popularity is rapidly growing as the population of mobile phone users continue to grow too.

No doubt about it, the popularity of mobile gadgets is having some game-changing effects not only on the way people access information on the internet but also on the ways business marketing is done nowadays.

We have now approached the era where the most online activity will take place through smartphones and tablets. So, if your website is not optimised for mobile, you may be missing out on a lot of potential online traffic.

Website’s responsiveness is now important if you want your website to perform better and be more visible on the search engines. Even the almighty Google Search has added mobile-friendliness to its ranking factors of website visibility on the search engines.

Besides your website simply being mobile-friendly, there are many potential ways to market specifically to mobile users so that you can easily target exactly when and where your message will be most effective.

#6]. Targeted advertising

Online advertising can be quite effective when targeted correctly. Popular online paid media advertising networks such as Google AdWords allow your ad to appear only when someone searches for a particular keyword or phrase within a certain geographical area.

Such ads are often priced on a pay per click (PPC) basis, meaning that you are only charged when leads actually visit your site.

Of course, the simplest way for you to improve your internet marketing is to let somebody else do it. But whether you contact the experts or handle it all in-house, improving your online marketing is one endeavour that can really pay dividends for your company.


6 Super Effective Internet Marketing Strategies For Small Business That Offer Better Results
PIN IT: 6 Super Effective Internet Marketing Strategies For Small Business That Offer Better Results

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