No doubt about it, modern business marketing relies on all sorts of means or channels to get the message to the right audience, and social media is one of those channels.

The undeniable fact is that social media has turned out to be one of an essential business marketing channels that offer good returns on investment.

From Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms, social media has changed not only the ways business marketing is done but also the ways customers are engaged.

Integrating social media to your business email marketing

We all know that email marketing has had positive impacts on modern business marketing. In fact, email marketing is still one of the cheapest means of marketing. But does email marketing still remain the appropriate type of marketing for every audience? So how relevant is email marketing in today’s business competitive market?

social media plus email marketing
Email marketing works well with social media

The fact is that email marketing is still relevant and stylishly thriving today, and with social media, there is no limit to what your business can benefit. Below are some of the benefits of integrating social media into your business email marketing campaigns:

#1]. Provides options

Not all people like to use e-mail. There are also people who do not feel comfortable in using social media. Using both channels will allow subscribers to choose a medium which they are most comfortable in using.

#2]. Broadens brand awareness

Share the load of sharing your content to a wider audience by encouraging your social media followers to sign up for a newsletter. Alternatively, you can ask or convince your e-mail subscribers to share the content on their social media networks.

#3]. Increases number of subscribers and followers

Using both types of marketing strategies together can help boost your website’s total number of subscribers. You can use your newsletters to gain more followers on social media websites. At the same time, you can get more people to subscribe to your newsletters by encouraging your social media followers to sign up or share your content.

#4]. Entices readers to access the content

Unlike the actual blog post, e-mails and social media websites only feature a snippet, a preview or a short summary of what is contained in the post. Other than saving space, the length and proper choice of words can help attract attention and interest, encouraging the reader to click on the link and read the actual post or see the content posted on the website or blog.

#5]. Helps build trust, develops a community

People like to follow personalities or brands that they trust. Over the years, brands are seeing the importance of building and developing a community. A brand community becomes an outlet where in both sides can communicate and interact with one another.

If you are in the business of selling products or services, developing and maintaining a community will help you understand what products or services work well with customers. Having a brand community encourages people to leave reviews or general comments.

Use your e-mail to invite your subscribers to become part of your social media community. You can also use the community to inform the public about breaking news and updates.

Top 5 Benefits Of Integrating Social Media To Your Business Email Marketing
PIN IT: Top 5 Benefits Of Integrating Social Media To Your Business Email Marketing

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