Instagram Social Media Marketing Strategies That Work Like Magic [Infographic]

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Instagram is a powerful social media marketing tool for businesses

No doubt about it, Instagram was originally launched in October 2010 as a free photo-sharing platform.

The social media platform enables users to create profiles, upload, and post their photos. Also, it lets users edit and beautify their photos with a selection of digital filters.

With over 800 million daily active users, Instagram has become the number one photo-sharing social networking platform.

However, there is more to Instagram nowadays as it continues to grow in popularity especially amongst the younger generations.

Nowadays, Instagram is more than just a place to share your favourite photos with friends and family members.

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The platform has become a powerful marketing tool for brands to reach millions of potential customers. In fact, Instagram is one of the top social media advertising platforms brands are now using to advertise.

Instagram social media marketing strategies

Instagram now offers such great features as video sharing and Instagram Stories. This feature is meant to compete with Snapchat’s Stories and it’s not doing badly at all.

Instagram social media marketing for business
Instagram is a powerful social media marketing tool for businesses

As Instagram usage continues to rise, there are windows of opportunity for brands and small businesses too. However, do you really know how to improve your business sales through Instagram stories?

The fact is that people are using the platform to discover new businesses and products. Also, users also use Instagram to stay in touch with their favourite brands.


This means brands can now use Instagram to reach millions of potential customers. So, is your business on Instagram? How well are you using Instagram to market your business?

No doubt about it, this is the perfect time to integrate Instagram into your broader social media marketing approach. However, do you know how to use Instagram for social media marketing?

Courtesy of Pizzazz Group, the infographic below outlines some of the key processes to consider in your Instagram marketing approach. It also shows Instagram social media marketing strategies that work like a magic.

Instagram Social Media Marketing Strategies

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