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Instagram Marketing: 9 Spicy Instagram Post Ideas To Spark Up Your Account

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How well are you using Instagram to grow your brand? Every brand on the platform needs to have the right Instagram post ideas to help spark up their account.

First of all, do you think that managing your Instagram brand account is an easy task? Of course not; you have to face a bit of difficulty in developing your account.

It is a continuous process of uploading at the right time, engaging with your audience, and creating new fresh content to beat the algorithm.

You have to find out what’s working for you. Anyway, you need little motivation to refresh your approach. Just experiment with new ideas for your Instagram post and stories.

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Instagram Post Ideas You Can Use

To say Instagram is a great platform for social media marketing is not an overstatement. With an estimated 1.074 billion users worldwide, Instagram is now a place for brands to be.

Other than growing your account by getting free Instagram followers through a platform like GetInsta, we have many other ways.

In this article, we’ll cover different types of content ideas for your Instagram brand account. You can spot unique ideas for your IGTV, in-feed, stories, and live. Some may be easy to create, whereas others need preplanning.

Anyways, the ideas will help you to come up with fresh and new types of content for your Instagram to increase your audience engagement rate.

#1]. Make Your Audience To Think

In this digital world, everybody is busy with their lives and works. They keep on rushing from one thing to another. So people need some break from their current situation, and to relax.


Rather than uploading regular pictures or videos, upload a quiz that must make your audience pause and think a while. The Caspers always pay attention to make their audience relax.

With the help of funny graphics and animation, the company uploads quizzes in feed and stories. Along with that, they use question stickers to increase their engagement rate.

They use the same design for their stories, so people know what to expect. This way, they are creating brand recognition. Don’t think you only have to create a quiz; you can even ask your audience to breathe for 5 seconds. Your main motto is to make your audience pause your stories or taps.

#2]. Try Recurring Challenge

It is up to you to take on your challenge, whether you do it weekly or monthly. To process this, you have to look for pre-existing challenges or create your own that resonates with your brand.

A houseplant influencer challenged herself to post a video about a plant in her collection in the title of “365 days of plant”. She followed the same format throughout the challenge.

As a brand, you can develop new challenges that influence your audience to take part in it and make them create their own content under your photo challenge. Along with you can use unique hashtags to drive more engagement to your challenge.

Producing creative content will boost your engagement, sharing, and saves. These critical metrics will grow your reach on Instagram.

#3]. Caption First, Photo Next

The brand must have a unique and distinctive voice to express your message, hence push yourself to write a caption first, next construct a photo to match it.

When you know your message, you can easily map your content instead of thinking about what to write for the caption specific to the photo provided.

Remember, when your copywriting is strong, you can use that skill to create the photo to match it. Spend time to create a unique style and brand voice to highlight your points.

With your excellent captioned copywriting, you can turn to the publishing industry for your next post idea. If your business is created on great content, it will extend your social media presence through photos, words, videos.

New York Times on Instagram used a photo essay to tell a story of sexual assault in the military. And they provide a full link in their profile for those who want to read the full piece of content.


This kind of post is an effective way to reuse your existing content. If you have a website or blog, use this trick to reuse your existing content.

Instagram post ideas

#5]. Upload Product Teasers

When you have any idea to launch your new product or services on Instagram, rather than announcing a new product directly, you can drive more engagement for your new product through stories and posts.

Especially, releasing product teasers before launching a product is good. It will create significant hip among your audience and help generate buzz and awareness.

To get more attention to your new product teaser photo, questions stickers are enough. If you want to make your new product famous, then team up with influencers. You can ask them to release your product teasers on their account.

When you repost it on your account, it will increase Instagram story views and bring more attention to your product. You can even use question stickers, or like a guessing game, and announce a prize for the first correct responder.

#6]. Use Flash Sales On Stories

We all know that stories have a brief span; they will disappear within 24 hours. Use this opportunity to run flash sales. In this retail world, running a flash sale may be expected to be surprising among your audience.

Anyway, it’s short, so it attracts many customers to purchase your product. This type of post will work when you have limited stocks, giveaways, or when you provide a quick discount on something.

People will get surprised by your offer, and they keep on checking your stories in case you give another flash sale. Actually, running a flash sale will be a marketing tactic to increase your audience’s engagement on stories.

#7]. Conduct Interviews On Stories

Make use of stories to conduct Q&A sessions with your guest, who belongs to your industry or influencer. You can add an extra count for engagement by asking your followers questions and responding to them in a new story.

To create buzz among your audience, let them know when you’ll post your content and who you will be interviewing. Along with that, you can incorporate it with live broadcasting through question stickers.

#8]. Do More Live Videos

For live videos, you have so many ideas, it’s up to you to pick which one will work for your brand. The general ideas for your live video will be conducting interviews, broadcasting events. You can change your audience’s expectations by doing a live instructional video.


You can even consider interactive how-to videos which influence your audience to ask questions. Ensure you have someone behind your camera to read all your comments questions.

#9]. Include stickers To Your Post

When you include some funny stickers or other graphics in your feed post will help you to stand out from the crowd. This method will perform well for your brand that is visually attractive and colorful. Stickers, overlays are a new trend on Instagram. If you use it correctly, it will help to enhance your image.

Bottom Line

On Instagram, the algorithm is an ever-changing one. Hence it’s a bit difficult to come up with fresh and new content. I hope this article will help you get inspiring content ideas that you need to try for your brand. Moreover, you have lots of content ideas for your post, stories, IGTV, so don’t stick with similar content.



Instagram Marketing: 9 Spicy Instagram Post Ideas To Spark Up Your Account
PIN IT: Instagram Marketing: 9 Spicy Instagram Post Ideas To Spark Up Your Account
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