Marketing on Instagram may not be a science, but there is an infographic that treats it as such.

The simple fact is that no other social media platform provides an experience as incredibly focused and engaging as Instagram.

Businesses on Instagram stands a better chance to reach millions of “potential” customers and branding and sharing the company values with the customers.

Do you know the long-term value of Instagram for brand marketing? Do you have an idea of how effective the platform can be for your business marketing? Just get yourself ready for photo-marketing revolution with Instagram.

Instagram marketing and science of brands on Instagram

Get on Instagram and create your account and start posting engaging images with compelling taglines and hashtags to engage your growing follower base.

Instagram for business marketing

With just a bit of creativity and thoughtful measuring, you can make some Insta-magic for your brand.

The recent infographic from KISSmetrics highlights the science of brands on Instagram and it may give you a hand with your efforts.

In a previously posted Instagram infographic article titled “Business Marketers’ Guide To Instagram“, we highlighted what makes the platform one of the most effective Internet marketing channels.

In this infographic, you will discover the trends behind the big-brand Instagram experience and learn how you can catapult your company to new heights.

Source: The Science of Brands on Instagram (Infographic)


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  1. Instagram is arguably the new marketing sensation when it comes to brand marketing and especially for ecommerce – Pinterest can also be put in the category.


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