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How to Create an Instagram Influencer Strategy for eCommerce

Adeyemi Adisa By Adeyemi Adisa 6 Min Read

Nowadays, influencer marketing has become an essential part of Instagram marketing. But how do you create an Instagram influencer strategy?

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone including small businesses and top brands. However, it has had positive effects on social media such as Instagram.

In fact, the pandemic has propelled Instagram’s worldwide user base to 1.00 billion for the first time. That is a massive milestone reserved for the likes of Facebook!

The fact is that Instagram’s growth has consistent in recent years. According to Sensor Tower, Instagram was among the top five most downloaded apps in both the App Store and via Google Play last year.

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The Instagram app had over 13 million downloads in Q2 2020 alone. As of January 2021, the app is second only to TikTok in the App Store in terms of downloads. Arguably, Instagram has now become one of the most important mainstays of eCommerce marketing.

Creating an Instagram influencer strategy for eCommerce

Instagram influencer marketing is having game-changing effects on eCommerce marketing and brands loving it.

The platform has become a place for brands to reach millions of potential online shoppers who are getting their daily inspirations from Instagram.

With Instagram influencers, marketing an online eCommerce business is much easy and effective. However, can your business also benefit from Instagram marketing?

Trust is an essential commodity when it comes to business marketing and this also includes influencer marketing. This is why social media influencers are considered trusted sources for product and service reviews by their audience.

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Social media influencers have the power to sway their followers into taking certain actions. They can convince their followers to sign up or make a purchase.

This is why adding the right influencers to your digital marketing strategy is a great way to grow brand awareness and sales for your online store.

#1]. Determine your objective

Creating an effective Instagram influencer strategy will require you to determine your objective. What are your goals and what do you want to achieve with your influencers?

This means defining what social media success looks like for your brand. How do you go about this? Firstly, you have to understand what you want to achieve.

Some of the key metrics you can use include growing your social following, increasing sales, increasing traffic, sourcing content, etc.

#2]. Find the right influencers

The right influencer means the right content and the right target audience. This is why it’s important to find the right influencers your brand can successfully work with.

It means finding influencers that have high engagement with your target audience. That aside, you should also consider high-quality content and alignment with your brand values.

#3]. Create a pitch for your influencers

If you really want to create an Instagram influencer strategy for your eCommerce business, then create a pitch and set guidelines for your influencers.

Start by writing a template email about your company and your values. Then tweak it slightly for each influencer to clearly state why you’re a good fit.

The fact is that the clearer your guidelines, the more likely influencers will respond. Also, it means the higher chance you choose the right partners.

#4]. Monitor your Instagram account

Monitoring your Instagram content and interactions is also very important. Your main reason why you are using influencer marketing is to achieve some goals.

Thought your influencers may bring a lot of engagement such as likes, comments, shares, and mentions to your business. However, being able to monitor your account can help a lot.

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#5]. Measure your success

When it comes to your social media campaign, measuring your success is also important. It means you need to be able to measure your brand’s activities and engagement. You can use UTMs and unique URLs to track impacts from your influencers.

This will helps you understand how well your campaigns are doing and whether you need to optimize your campaigns to easily boost exposure and reach.

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However, don’t be shy to adjust your objectives as campaigns evolve, and you notice new trends or signs of success that you didn’t forecast.

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How to Create an Instagram Influencer Strategy for eCommerce
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