10 Most Innovative Companies in Africa for 2020
10 Most Innovative Companies in Africa for 2020

When it comes to innovation, Africa is not really lagging far behind the rest of the world. Today, there are so many innovative companies in Africa that are trying to use technology to improve people’s life.

Most people across the globe don’t usually associate techpreneurship or innovative startups with the continent of Africa. But the game is changing now and the continent as a whole is moving in the right direction.

Africa is now a home of innovative startups especially when it comes to fintech. Recently, the continent has witnessed a rise in fintech startups and mobile payment companies particularly launched to help solve digital payment and money transfer problems.

Most innovative companies in Africa

No doubt about it, Africa is surely on the rise! From Irokotv to Printivo, there are so many African startups out there that are doing well today.

In their recently published research, Fast Company compiled a list of innovative companies in Africa, which include Twiga Foods, Copia Global, and Kobo360.

These startups are employing digital solutions to streamline logistics and help fellow Africans solve problems. Below are the most innovative companies in Africa for 2020:

#1]. 54gene.com from Nigeria

54gene is one of Africa's most innovative companies
Founded by Dr. Abasi Ene-Obong, 54gene is a genomics company that wants to build the world’s first and largest pan-African biobank. It is creating an Africa-wide genetic biobank by partnering with hospitals on the continent.

It’s creating an Africa-wide genetic biobank by partnering with a number of hospitals in Nigeria to analyze their patients’ genomes. It has raised $4.5mn from investors outside the country.


#2]. Lumkani.com from South Africa

Lumkani is one of Africa's most innovative companies
Established by South African Students in 2014, Lumkani is a social enterprise that delivers a networked heat detector device to decrease risks of fire in rural and urban informal settlements. Their devices are designed to detect temperature changes rather than smoke, they are now in more than 40,000 homes.

The company also offers users low-cost insurance services with fast payouts. It brings fire protection and insurance services to South African townships. This is why it’s listed as one of the most innovative companies in Africa.

#3]. MPost.co.ke from Kenya

MPost is one of Africa's most innovative companies
MPost allows people to enjoy postal services at home, in the office, or on the go through mobile phone. It aims to improve the situation for unaddressed people by turning their mobile number into a postal address.

The company converts user’s phone numbers into a virtual mailbox at their closest post office. It then alerts users when mail arrives, which they can either pick up or have delivered (usually with extra cost).

#4]. Kobo360.com from Nigeria

Kobo360 is one of Africa's most innovative companies
Founded by Obi Uzor and Ife Oyedele, Kobo360 is a tech-enabled digital logistics platform that aggregates end-to-end haulage operations. It helps cargo owners, truck owners, and drivers, and cargo recipients to achieve an efficient supply chain framework.

The company is using technology to connect African truck drivers with companies in need. It eliminates the need for cash transactions. This is done by paying drivers directly to their bank accounts and then put all the paperwork online. It has raised over $37 million and expanded into Kenya, Uganda, Togo, and Ghana.

#5]. Tongoro.com from Senegal

Tongoro is one of Africa's most innovative companies
Tongoro is a ready-to-wear fashion label established in 2016 by Sarah Diouf. It aims to empower local artisans while celebrating African prints and fabrics.

It showcases local fabrics and patterns, and the work of African makers and tailors, whom the company trains to meet international standards of production. The brand recently gained global recognition after being worn by Beyoncé and featured in Vogue.

#6]. Twiga Foods (Twiga.ke) from Kenya

Twiga Foods is one of Africa's most innovative companies
Founded in 2014, Twiga Foods is Kenya’s business-to-business food distribution company. It’s an online marketplace that links farmers and vendors to fair, trusted, modern markets.

It operates a mobile-based, cashless platform to aggregate urban retail demand. Then offers thousands of small and medium-sized vendors convenient one-stop-shop ordering. It has raised over $60 million to digitize food distribution and professionalize East Africa’s market economy.

#7]. Copiaglobal.com from Kenya

Copia Global is one of Africa's most innovative companies
This innovative company from Kenya was founded in 2012 to empower everyday Africans through mobile commerce. Copia Global allows Kenya’s unbanked and unconnected to participate in e-commerce via a network of 5,000 community-based agents.

The company serves a high growth market that formal retail and e-commerce cannot reach. It harnesses mobile technologies, a network of local agents, and proprietary logistics technology. It has raised $48 million and honed its logistics network so that most customers receive their delivery within two days.


#8]. mPedigree.com from Ghana

mPedigree is one of Africa's most innovative companies
mPedigree is a social enterprise working to safeguard human health and food security through technology. The company founded in 2007 uses technology to determine the authenticity of products.

The startup works with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to spot out counterfeit medicines. It embeds a unique code into a product label, which shoppers can text to the manufacturer to verify the item’s authenticity.

#9]. Piggyvest.com from Nigeria

Piggyvest is one of Africa's most innovative companies
This innovative startup offers a platform that helps individuals and businesses manage their finances effectively. With Piggyvest, you can automatically save little amounts daily, weekly or monthly from your debit card.

Piggyvest helps users save by automatically deducting fixed amounts from their accounts. As instructed by the user, the deduction is done at set periods. The money is moved into savings or investment accounts. It aims to help West African millennials invest and save for the future.

#10]. TIZETI.com from Nigeria

Tizeti is one of Africa's most innovative companies
Founded in Lagos, this Y Combinator-backed startup uses solar-powered towers to deliver net connectivity. Tizeti harnesses the power of the sun to provide an affordable 4G network to the people of the continent.

It is the next generation Internet provider in Nigeria. It renders unlimited Wi-Fi, public hotspot and VoIP services. The company is entering Ghana and has plans to bring its services to other West African countries.



10 Most Innovative Companies in Africa for 2020
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