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5 Key Influencer Marketing Lessons We Have Learned So Far

Elechi Emekobum By Elechi Emekobum 5 Min Read
influencer marketing lessons
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No doubt about it, influencer marketing is having some game-changing effects on brand marketing nowadays. In short, influencer marketing opens up your chances of garnering customers for your brand.

However, how well are you using influencer marketing for your to market your
business? The fact is that just because a lot of brands are opting for this tactic does not mean that they are using the right path to success.

Social media has changed a lot in the last decade and that means the potential to grow further is right there.

Below are some of the lessons we have learned from influencer marketing till now and an insight into what may happen further.

#1]. Marketing is supreme

These days customers are not just bothered about whether they are getting value for money or not. They also want to know how the company is using the money that they are taking from them.

For instance, if a brand says it would give X amount for some charity the customers want to see proofs that their money has worked. This is where influencer marketing comes in the picture.

Influencer marketers and hashtag

The choice of the right influencer marketing agency can lead to campaigns with influencers who can portray your brand in a totally different light.

They know how to use the influencers to create an impression about the brand and hence lead to conversions.


#2]. Being authentic is crucial

To build trust with your customers the easiest tactic is influencer marketing. That is because these influencers have already created a trustworthy base of customers and when they say something about a brand the customer has to believe.

Instead of plain advertisements get bloggers to write about your brand and see the difference. Customers would stop and notice and even click on to read what their favourite person has to offer.

However, for this to be effective you need to connect with influencers who are reliable and authentic and have genuine followers.

#3]. The bond between brands and lifestyle is important

Marketers must understand that they have to convince the customers that their product is going to bring a major change in their lifestyle.

To do so an influencer is a very strong factor. When a personality shows to the consumer that a particular need of theirs was fulfilled by a certain product, the customer listens and pays heed to it.

As you connect with influencers make sure they are able to convey the practicality of your product.

#4]. The clarity in goals pays

Influencer marketing is very helpful especially if you know what you want to achieve. But, if you are just spending your money on the strategy without any clear idea you are most likely not going to gain anything worthwhile.

You may want to build your reputation, increase your social media presence, or gain sales a clear goal in mind would make your influencer marketing successful.

#5]. Give your content creators freedom

Nowadays brands are letting their content creators be innovative and not bound by any barriers. Earlier content creators were given a strict idea and they had to adhere to that, a fact that has changed in the last year or so.

Brands are realizing that they are awarding influencers not for their followers but for their expertise, knowledge, and insight that they have. It is better to get their creative juices flowing and letting them decide what is right and what is not.


Influencer marketing works and that is reflected in its growth trends witnessed in the last few years. However, success through it does not come on its own. There are a few factors that need to be paid attention to, especially if you want sure shot results.

In case of any doubts, you must trust an agency which has the particular expertise to handle influencer marketing. The clarity in your choices and following the marketing trends would surely yield results in the near future.



5 Key Influencer Marketing Lessons We Have Learned So Far
PIN IT: Key Influencer Marketing Lessons We Have Learned So Far
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