How to Increase Instagram Engagement: Your Complete Guide

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How to Increase Instagram Engagement: Your Complete Guide

Every business has to improve their Instagram engagement now that the platform is one of the most widely-used social media platforms in the United States?

In fact, about 37% of all adults in the country have this app on their smartphones. Currently, Instagram is the third most used platform after YouTube and Facebook.

You don’t bleive? Check out our previous infographic article about Instagram stats, facts and figures for every marketer. All these facts and figures make Instagram an important platform for marketing your business.

That said, you can’t dive in blindly and hope to get the best out of the platform. The fact is that you’ll need to learn some Instagram marketing strategies that work like magic. All of these should help increase your Instagram engagement.

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Whether you’re a business or an influencer, this fact will hold. In this guide, you’ll learn some Instagram promotion techniques. Read on and find out more today.

Important Tips and Tricks

Instagram has a smart algorithm, meaning it will only recommend accounts with great content. It becomes worse when you also need to compete with a lot of creative brands. With everyone vying for attention, it can get difficult to stand out from the rest.

Instagram remains one of the best platforms to market your brand. However, you will have to do more in order to make Instagram work for your business. The platform will aid you to gain a loyal following while building a local community of business supporters.

That’s why you need to increase your Instagram engagement. The following are some of the things you should do to take your Instagram strategy to the next level.

How to Increase Instagram Engagement Your Complete Guide
How to Increase Instagram Engagement Your Complete Guide

#1]. Start Conversations Using Instagram Stories Stickers

Engagement isn’t all about the likes and comments on your posts. It also includes the people following your brand’s hashtags, engagement from your Instagram stories, and more. It’s especially more important since more users follow more accounts, meaning your organic reach isn’t as far as before.


Right now, it comes in the form of various engagement stickers. These are great for encouraging your followers to chat and share experiences with you. It’s an easier way of engaging them, making them connected to your brand, and becoming loyal followers in the long run.

That said, don’t post whenever you feel like it. Learn when your niche audience is active and learn how to use tools to schedule posts, increasing your likelihood of positive engagement.

#2]. Write Longer Post Captions

An Instagram caption can be up to 2,200 characters long. That’s a lot of space for you to share great content with your intended audience. An easy way to make people look at your posts longer is to write a long, engaging caption for your posts.

Take note, one of the many factors affecting your Instagram post’s performance is the time spent on it. You don’t need to write a short story whenever you’re posting something.

Most of the time, writing a full sentence instead of a bunch of emojis is enough to increase user engagement. You always have the means of saying something meaningful whenever you make a post.

Ask yourself the reason why the posts should matter to other people. Think whether you’re doing the post justice when you use the caption you have in mind.

Make sure that your captions aren’t just a bunch of adjectives joined together. Instead, make it like a captivating story. This will leave your followers more eager to see your future posts.

#3]. Optimize Your Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is a great feature for spontaneity. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put more effort into optimization. Whenever you post a story, think about the following if you want to prioritize exposure and engagement:

A]. Mention Sticker
You need to mention accounts when you’re working with other brands on Instagram. It’s also important when you’re reposting content made by other people. With a mention sticker, the accounts get notified that you mentioned them.

Aside from the immediate benefits, it will help build your community in the long run. After all, the mentioned account might repost or thank you for mentioning them. The best part is that they’re likely to share it with their audience.

B]. Location Sticker
This sticker is great since people can now search Instagram Stories by location. That means you’re likely to attract local customers when they search for stories within your area. For example, you can tag your location using this sticker if you’re hosting events and people will see it within that location’s Instagram Stories.

C]. Hashtags
These aren’t limited to post captions anymore. Hashtag stickers might impact the Instagram story’s aesthetics, but there are methods to get around it. Type out the hashtags and pinch the text, making them smaller and less obtrusive.


#4]. Open Up About Your Brand and Business

Instagram users expect more from businesses than just pictures of their products and services. They want to know your brand’s mission as well as the people behind your business. These people like seeing how you make your products before they decide to buy from you.

That’s why Instagram is the best platform to share these things with your audience. The more you share, the more likely it is for your audience to feel connected with your brand. With this connection, they will actively follow and engage with your account.

#5]. Pay Attention to Your Hashtags

To get more engagement on Instagram, you’ll need to understand the hashtags that drive more people to your posts. Put your hashtags into categories and see which ones are the most appropriate for specific posts.

That way, you’ll know which ones pull the most per specific post type. A good way to know is to use your Instagram Insights.

You’ll see your posts’ impression gained from hashtags under the platform’s Discovery section. The stronger your hashtags are, the more impressions you’re likely to gain.

Improve Your Instagram Engagement Today!

These are some of the best ways you can gain more Instagram engagement. It’s important to start doing these tips since your competitors are likely using these already.

Don’t get left behind and take your Instagram efforts to the next level with these methods. Did you find this guide enjoyable? If so, read more of our posts today. We cover a plethora of other tips and tricks for you to discover!


How to Increase Instagram Engagement
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