How To Increase Customer Retention Using Social Media [Infographic]

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Nowadays, most of the businesses are worried about acquiring new customers. However, what about retaining your existing customers?

In fact, businesses shouldn’t only be concerned about new customers, they have to also think about customer retention.

The introduction of social media has helped businesses to easily acquire new customers. With over 3 billion users worldwide, social media is a powerful tool when it comes to customer acquisition.

However, the platform is also a great tool to use to retain existing customers. It’s arguably an ideal platform for businesses to use to keep their customers and make more sales.

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Today, businesses can easily use social media to reach a wider audience. Also, businesses can use social media platforms to engage and interact with existing customer base.

How To Increase Customer Retention Using Social Media

Businesses can also use the platform to distribute content and promote their product and services. In short, social media is an important marketing channel that offers a lot.

social media customers and sales

But how well are small businesses using social media to marketing and promote their brands? Are you also using the platform to improve awareness, brand’s online visibility and to increase brand loyalty?


Customer acquisition is important to you and so is customer retention. You can use social media to easily take your business to the next level. So, how can your business retain customers through social media?

Courtesy of Branex, the infographic below, highlights the importance of social media in customer retention. It offers a great deal of data and some really good insights and tips.

How To Increase Customer Retention Using Social Media

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