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3 Ways Universities are Boosting Enrollment Numbers

Anthony Williams By Anthony Williams 4 Min Read

With so much going on in the world today, more and more universities are struggling to meet their targets when it comes to enrollment numbers.

Nowadays, tuition costs are higher on average than most students want to pay. However, does studying and graduating with an MBA or a degree provides a boost to your career?

The fact is that there are many great jobs out there that don’t require a university degree. This is one of the reasons why so many universities are struggling with student enrollments.

As a result, these facts and others have left many universities looking for creative ways to boost their enrollment numbers. The good news is that there are solutions out there for schools that are willing and able to think outside the box.

The value of university education is something that cannot be understated. Universities simply need to find more creative ways of getting that message out to more prospective students.

How Universities are Boosting Enrollment Numbers

#1]. Use a recruitment company

A lot of people involving with the university recruitment process are struggling to bring their enrollment numbers up. However, one available option for schools in the same situation is to employ a partner of sorts.

There are marketing and recruitment companies out there that can help you. You can bring them in to help make the message of your school more appealing to prospective students.

These recruitment companies know just how to reach students at all stages of the recruitment process. Schools that have gone down this route have been able to enjoy higher than average enrollment numbers.


In short, recruitment agencies offer a great way to enrollment, particularly for freshman classes. Using Sextant Marketing and similar marketing companies can help give your enrollment numbers the boost they need.

#2]. Get involved on social media

When it comes to reaching prospective students, social media is one of the most valuable tools at universities’ disposal. Many companies in recent years have discovered the power of social media marketing, and there is no reason why your school can’t do the same.

Social media marketing makes sense for universities and colleges as the bulk of your target demographic is already on social media. However, you need to have the right social media marketing tools to fully take the advantage of the platform.

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With custom ads that can be targeted to reach your demographic directly, you can encourage more engagements with your message and hopefully reap the benefits of greater exposure and outreach.

It is also a good idea to encourage former and current students to share content related to your university on social media as well. By utilizing your student and alumni networks in this way, you can potentially reach a larger number of prospective students based on the recommendation of people they know personally.

#3]. Optimize your website

Many universities are falling by the wayside in regard to how they appear on search engine results pages because they haven’t taken the steps to make sure that their websites are SEO friendly.

Search engine optimization is crucial if you hope to make your school discoverable on the Internet. Since many prospective college students will search for specific keywords and phrases when they are researching universities, you need to do all that you can to ensure that your school lands near the top of the list.



How Universities are Boosting Enrollment Numbers
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