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How Write Content With Interesting Headlines

Platterofgold Editor By Platterofgold Editor 2 Min Read

Every blogger knows the importance of content but how do you write great content with interesting headlines that will drive more web traffic?

No doubt about it, content is the king when it comes to blogging and content marketing. However, coming up with great content headlines doesn’t happen every day.

Most bloggers and content writers rely on content curation and other productivity tools for inspiration.

But the fact is that it’s not just about being inspired, it’s also about being able to write content with interesting headlines that will drive web traffic.

When you come up with content, you want people to read and consume your content as much as possible. Simply put, you don’t want to make contents that wouldn’t attract a good amount of traffics to your website.

How to write content with interesting headlines for better traffic

article and content marketing

Being able to drive web traffic to your site requires great and high quality contents with interesting headlines that will encourage people to visit your site.

But at times, to come up with interesting headlines capable of driving traffic is hard to come by. If you ask bloggers and content writers they will tell you that it’s not as easy as it looks especially when it comes to blogging.

Consider this; your headlines shouldn’t be too short or long, and you have to make it work for social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.


Also, the quality of your headlines will have impacts on search engines such as Google, Bing, and others.

This is why some bloggers think that the hardest part of blogging is coming up with a great headline. The infographic below by Neil Patel from Quick Sprout highlights the importance of better headlines and gives you a simple formula for enticing headlines. The tactics below should help you tweak your headlines to get your posts the attention they deserve.

How to write content with interesting headlines that will drive more web traffic to your site


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  • Traffic is essential and I think one of the best ways to improve traffic is actually through the article titles. This is why I always tell people that headlines matter in blogging and traffic. Thanks for this post!

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