Today, using social media for relevant business connection has become one of the primary aims of the businesses on social media.

As an important networking tool, social media is an avenue not only for people to socialise with their friends and families but also a place to sell, buy, market and meet potential clients.

Social media has become an internet invention that has changed the ways we interact with our friends and families. It has also changed how businesses reach out and interact with their customers.

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It is an undeniable fact that we are the social media era. Therefore, it’s no longer a bonus for companies to be actively present on social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook – it’s become a necessity.

Using social media for relevant business connection

It’s all about engagements! When it comes to using social media for relevant business connection, engagement should be your number one priority. It’s important to get your followers or fans engaged with your brand by posting a series of updates that are of interest to your customers.

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The simple fact is that if you can’t interact with your followers in an effective way via social media, you are a step behind your competitors.

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Yes, social media is all about connection and being relevant. But it must be highlighted that you should also be mindful of what you are posting on social media.

As a business, preserving your reputation is extremely important. Maintaining your reputation as a business in this social media era is much more essential.

Customers control your business direction

Customers are extremely important for any business to survive, and this is why customer controls the direction of any business. No business owner will say he/she controls the direction of his/her company.

The direction of your company is controlled by your customers because if you don’t listen to your customers and ensure their satisfaction, you will be out of business within a short period. So, shut the hell up and listen to them.

Controlling your reputation is very important

As a business, your reputation is all you got, and it’s no one’s fault but yours if it’s bad. Remember that there is never a security or privacy setting that protects you from being stupid.

If you are using social media for relevant business connections, I will advise that you should never take your camera phone out when you are drinking. This is because people need to be aware of what they do in public and know that it can blow back on them.

Remember that everyone has a camera on their mobile phones now, and in our world of social media, everyone is just one upload away from being screwed up.

Being relevant is also important

When it comes to using social media for relevant business connections, being relevant with your audience is essential, and that relevance will translate into loyalty.

To make it simple and plain, relevance is the only way you can get in touch with your audience. If you are relevant to your audience, you stand a better chance of maximising the benefits of social media for better business connections. Having an audience is a privilege not a right.

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If you are relevant, your audience will stand up for you when you screw up. Listen to your audience and they will tell you what they want. When using social media, make sure you use it properly. That means spelling, grammar, word usage.

This stuff really hurts your reputation when you get it wrong. This point really hit home with the audience, as you will see from the tweets on Twitter.

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